Zovi 5% Ointment: Uses, Side Effects, Composition, Dosage & Price

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Zovi is an antiseptic formulation used to treat minor wounds, burns, and infections. The primary component of Zovi is Povidone Iodine which works on the wounds to treat them. 
Zovi is found in most medical stores in different forms. The most common ones are Zovi 5% ointment, Zovi 5% powder, and Zovi 10% solution. The price for a tube of 15gm Zovi 5% ointment is Rs 80 while that of the powder of the same concentration is Rs 58.

Uses and Benefits of Zovi 5 % Ointment:

Zovi is primarily used as an antiseptic to heal infections. Some of the other specific and common uses of Zovi are – 
Oral infections – Zovi ointment can be used to prevent and treat infections in the mouth.
Treating minor wounds – this is the most common use of Zovi. It is highly effective in the treatment of skin wounds. It is used as an antiseptic and first aid for blisters, abrasions, grazes, and minor cuts.
Vaginal Candidiasis – Zovi ointment can be used to prevent and treat this fungal infection in the vagina. It is best used in combination with other medicines for best results.
Skin disinfectant – In a surgical procedure, Zovi is used to clean the patient’s skin and disinfect the place of surgery.

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Side Effects of Zovi 5 % Ointment:

Patients can experience certain side effects of Zovi while using the drug. These can be skin discoloration due to the presence of iodine, a rise in the sodium level in the blood, increase in the level of thyroid hormones, decrease in the level of thyroid hormones in case of neonates, renal impairment, metabolic acidosis, superficial keratitis, deep tissue toxicity, and mucous membrane toxicity.

Another very common side effect can be skin irritation and allergic reaction. If a patient is allergic to iodine, they must be very careful while using this medicine. Other less common side effects can be redness of the skin and acne eruptions.

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Common Dosage of Zovi 5 % Ointment:

Zovi is an antiseptic and can readily be used as first aid in case of minor cuts and bruises. However, patients must be very careful about the fact that they must clean their wounds well with clean water before applying the ointment.
For other ailments, patients must follow the doctor’s prescription and use Zovi accordingly and as per the strength mentioned by the doctor.
An overdose of Zovi can cause redness, irritation and a burning sensation on the skin. Patients must immediately clean the sin area with clean and cold water and seek medical advice.

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Composition and Nature of Zovi 5 % Ointment:

The main component of Zovi is povidone-iodine. The concentration of the iodine depends on the strength of the medicine in use. Povidone-iodine is a broad-spectrum antiseptic. It works in topical use. Povidone-iodine releases the iodine when it comes in contact with the skin thereby causing an antiseptic action and thus healing the wound.

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How does Zovi 5 % Ointment work?

The main component of Zovi is povidone-iodine. When it comes in contact with the skin, it releases the iodine ion. This reacts with the affected area of the skin and heals it. Zovi starts working on the wound immediately after application. The time to heal would, however, depend on the magnanimity and area of the wound.
The wound can be left uncovered or undressed after applying Zovi. This medicine is meant only for external application and should not be inhaled, ingested, or instilled in the eyes, nose, and mouth.

Warnings and Precautions- When to avoid Zovi 5 %?

Patients with thyroid imbalance or disorders must avoid Zovi as much as possible. Povidone-iodine has the potential to increase or decrease the amount of thyroid hormone in the body. It should also be used very carefully by patients having kidney disorders. If the doctor is prescribing Zovi, patients must inform their doctor while so.
Patients with an allergy to iodine must avoid this at any cost. Children below two years or premature babies must not be given this medicine unless it is prescribed by the doctor.

Substitutes of Zovi 5 %:

Zovi is usually readily available in most medical stores. In case it is not, patients can use any of the following medicines as a substitute.
Betakind by 
Mankind Pharma Ltd
Collosol Iodine by Abbott
Povidone Iodine by Wockhardt Ltd
Apidine by Appasamy Ocular Device Pvt Ltd
Expovide by Excare Laboratories
Metrokind Pv Ointment by Mankind Pharmaceuticals Ltd
G Dine Ointment by Zydus Cadila
Nicodine Ointment by Abbott Healthcare Pvt. Ltd
Povicidal Ointment by Cadila Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Microdine Drops by Centaur Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.

Zovi 5 % Interactions with Other Drugs:

Zovi is relatively safe to use first aid and does not cause any serious harm to the patient. However, in certain cases, patients may find adverse effects if used with other medications. In case of any such thing, they must immediately inform the doctor and get the relevant treatment done

Interaction with Diseases:
Thyroid disorders – Povidone-iodine in Zovi can cause thyroid disorders. It can increase or decrease the level of thyroid hormone in the human body. For patients who already have thyroid disorders, must let their doctor know about this before using Zovi. If used without a prescription, they must be very cautious and report any anomaly to their doctor immediately.
Interaction with Medicine:
Povidone-iodine can react with lithium. Thus patients already on medicines that contain lithium must keep it in mind to avoid Zovi unless it is absolutely necessary.
Povidone-iodine or any other skin antiseptic can reduce the effect of collagenase in patients. Thus they must be very careful and avoid using Zovi altogether, if possible, in case of already being on collagenase.


1) Is Zovi 5 % Ointment the same thing as betadine?

Ans: Yes. Betadine and Zovi are both different brand names for medicines containing povidone-iodine.

2) Can Zovi 5 % Ointment be used as a substitute for iodine tincture?

Ans: No, it cannot be used. While both medicines are antiseptic in nature, their formulations are different. Iodine tincture is a combination of iodine and potassium iodide dissolved in ethanol and water while povidone-iodine is polyvinylpyrrolidone, a stable chemical complex of povidone.

3) Can Zovi 5 % Ointment be used for bacterial, fungal, and yeast infections?

Ans: Yes, it can be used depending on the kind of infection.

4) Can Zovi 5 % Ointment stain teeth?

Ans: Zovi contains povidone-iodine and must never be taken internally. It is only meant for external use.

5) Can use Zovi 5 % Ointment irritate or sting the skin?

Ans: Yes, it can. Topical use of povidone-iodine is known to cause slight irritation.

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