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Wockhardt Hospital in Mumbai Central:

Wockhardt Hospital is one of the leading healthcare service providers. It has a strong presence in the western parts of the nation, including Rajkot, Nashik, Mumbai, Goa, and Surat. The hospital is a subsidiary of the Wockhardt Group. Wockhardt Group was established in the early 1960s by Mr. Habil Khorakiwala. It is headquartered in Mumbai and has manufacturing plants in UK, India, France, Ireland, and other few countries. Located in Mumbai Central, it is a 21-story state-of-the-art tertiary care medical institution.
Wockhardt Hospital focuses on Critical patient care by providing quality medical care to the patients. Recently, the hospital has inaugurated the Wockhardt Stroke Institute. This institute has been started to address critical emergency cases and strokes. This also brings all the high-quality professionals together in a Stroke Support Group to aid the patients to get back to their usual life. 
The hospital has GPS enabled ambulance service which allows it to reach to the patient on time in emergency cases myocardial infections, stroke, and injuries.
Wockhardt Hospital is India’s first fully wireless hospital in Asia. This hospital has the highest number of beds in the Intensive Care Unit (ICUs) with the female and male nurse to assist the patients. The hospital is 350 bedded, with 8-bedded Accident and Emergency with 24×7 vigilance.

Appointment at Wockhardt Hospital in Mumbai Central:

Getting admitted to Wockhardt Hospital is quick and easy, there is no hassle. Once the patient is screened by the OPD and if the consulting doctor finds that there’s a need for the patient to get admitted, he or she will raise a request for the admission by filling in the required and necessary details of the patient in a form. He or she will then direct the patient to the front desk of the hospital. Here one of the staff members of the hospital will assist the patient for further procedure.
* Patients availing credit facility will need to provide an authorization or credit letter from the company. The letter should be handed over at the admission counter during the time of admission.

Wockhardt Hospital Doctors List, Mumbai Central:

Wockhardt Hospital is a multi-specialty hospital dedicated to various specialties. The hospital is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and thereby, provides the best diagnosis and treatment options to the patients. Even the most complex cases are treated carefully at Wockhardt hospital with the help of the excellence of the doctors, staff and modern technology.

Here’s a list of specialties and specialists:

Aesthetic care

  • Dr. Shraddha Deshpande
  • Dr. Rashmin Roy

Bariatric and metabolic surgery

  • Dr. Ramen Gyanendra Goel

Bone and joint care

  • Dr. Niraj Sharad Kasat
  • Dr. Darius F. Soonawalla
  • Dr. Hemant Chaudhary
  • Dr. Dipti Patel
  • Dr. Aditya Sai Kadavkolan

Brain and nerve care

  • Dr. Shirish M Hastak
  • Dr. Prashant Makhija
  • Dr. Ketan Chaturvedi
  • Dr. Chandranath R. Tiwari
  • Dr. Nitin Narayan Dange

Brain and spine

  • Dr. Satish A Lahoti
  • Dr. Abhay M. Nene
  • Dr. Ajay Kurve
  • Dr. Siddharth Kharkar
  • Dr. Aaditya Kashikar

Critical care

  • Dr. (Mrs.) Prithi de Sousa Araujo
  • Dr. Atul Kedarnath Somani
  • Dr. Bhumi Mangal Dave
  • Dr. Vimal J. Dave
  • Dr. Kedar Toraskar

Dental clinic

  • Dr. Chirag Desai

Digestive care

  • Dr. Amit Ajit Gupte
  • Dr. Hemant Chhajed
  • Dr. Ameet Mandot
  • Dr. Praful Kamani
  • Dr. Tariq A. Patel


  • Dr. Manish Manohar Bothale


  • Dr. Neepa Vellimuttam
  • Dr. Nutan Paresh Korgaonkar
  • Dr. Arti Vikani Vadi

General procedures surgery

  • Dr. Briijesh Dube
  • Dr. Aditi Agrawal
  • Dr. Bhupendra Prasad


  • Dr. Dipanjan Haldar
  • Hair and skin academy
  • Dr. Sandeep Sattur

Heart care

  • Dr. Ravi Gupta
  • Dr. Shrikant Kothekar
  • Dr. Kaushal Pandey
  • Dr. Jaydeep Desai
  • Dr. Abhishek P. Raval

Internal medicine

  • Dr. Samir Prajapati
  • Dr. Atul Kedarnath Somani
  • Dr. Kiran Vyawahare
  • Dr. A M Bhagwati
  • Dr. Jignesh Usdadiya

Intervention radiology

  • Dr. Amit Sahu
  • Dr. Rahul Jitendra Vakharia
  • Dr. Rajan Sukthankar
  • Dr. Shrikant Kothekar
  • Dr. Bhagyam Nagarajan

Kidney transplant surgery

  • Dr. K. Mahesh Prasad
  • Dr. Aseem Thamba
  • Dr. Chandan Chaudhari
  • Dr. M.M.Bahadur


  • Dr. Suryashree Pandey
  • Dr. K. Mahesh Prasad
  • Dr. Ajay N Naxane

Obstetrics and Gynaecology

  • Dr. Vaishali Agrawal Kulshrestha
  • Dr. Sarita Channawar
  • Dr. Manisha Singh Patel
  • Dr. Jigna R. Ganatra
  • Dr. Kshama Nagesh Aghor (Kharosekar)


  • Dr. Riya Ballikar
  • Dr. Dipen Patel
  • Dr. Imran Shaikh
  • Dr. Krutarth D. Thakar
  • Dr. Sanghavi Meghal Jayant

Pediatrics and neonatology

  • Dr. Badshah S. Khan
  • Dr. Kedar Malwatkar
  • Dr. Ankit Gupta
  • Dr. Mehul Mitra
  • Dr. Trupti Vaishnani


  • Dr. Bhawan K. Paunipagar
  • Dr. Purvi Haria

Spine Care

  • Dr. Shekhar Y. Bhojraj
  • Dr. Abhay M. Nene
  • Dr. Nagad Premik Bhupendra


  • Dr. Soumyan Dey
  • Dr. Radheshyam Chaudhari
  • Dr. Rajesh M. Ganatra
  • Dr. Umesh Shelke

Bone and Joint Care

Dr. Niraj Sharad Kasat- With an experience of over 16 years, Dr. Niraj Kasat is a proficient Spine Specialist, Orthopedist, and Joint Replacement Surgeon who is currently practicing at Wockhardt Hospital, Mumbai. He has finished his MBBS in 2003 and MS – Orthopaedics in 2007 from the University of Mumbai.

Dr. Darius F. Soonawalla- Dr. Soonawalla has finished his MBBS from Topiwala National Medical College & B.Y.L. Nair Hospital in Mumbai. He then completed a Diploma in Orthopaedics, and MS- Orthopaedics from the College of Physicians & Surgeons of Mumbai. 

Dr. Hemant Chaudhary- With an extensive experience of over 10 years, Dr. Hemant has performed over 3000 orthopedic surgeries successfully. He pursued his MBBS from Dr. Punjabrao Deshmukh Memorial Medical College in Amravati. He completed his MS-Orthopedics from MR Medical College, Gulbarga in Karnataka. Dr. Hemant later went on to pursue his Post Graduate in Rheumatology from John Hopkins University School in New York. 

Dr. Dipti Patel- Currently practicing at Wockhardt Hospital, Dr. Dipti Patel carries an experience of about 16 years in the field of Rheumatology. She finished her MBBS in 2003 from the University of Mumbai, Mumbai. Dr. Patel has also received an MRCP (UK) in 2008 from the Membership of Royal College of Physicians and a Certificate in Rheumatology from Rheumatology UK in 2014. 

Dr. Aditya Sai Kadavkolan- Dr. Aditya completed his MBBS in 2005 from the Madras Medical College in Chennai. He later went on to pursue MS – Orthopedics and DNB- Orthopedics/Orthopedic Surgery from King Edward Memorial Hospital and Seth Gordhandas Sunderdas Medical College in 2010. 

Urology- Dr. Soumyan Dey is an M.Ch in Urology from the Prestigious Grant Medical College & J.J. Hospital. After completing his training he was an Assistant Professor of Urology at Grant Medical College. He then left his alma matter and started his private practice at Navi Mumbai.

Dr. Radheshyam Chaudhari- Dr. Radheshyam Chaudhari is an MBBS from T N Medical College & BYL Nair Charitable Hospital. After MBBS, he pursued MS (General Surgery) from Grant Medical College and JJ hospital from Mumbai and M.Ch Urology from T N Medical College & BYL Nair Charitable Hospital. He has an experience of 5 years in the field of urology.

Dr. Rajesh M. Ganatra- Dr. Rajesh M. Ganatra finished his MBBS and MS (General Surgery) from Smt. N.H.L Municipal Medical College, Gujarat University. Dr. Ganatra also pursued D.N.B (Urology) from Sir H.N Hospital, Mumbai. He is an active member of Indian Medical Association (I.M.A.), Urology Association of Saurashtra & Kutch, and Gujarat Urology Association. 

Dr. Umesh Shelke- Dr. Umesh Shelke has an experience of 8 years in the field of Urology. He is specialized in performing minimally invasive and robotic surgeries in Endo-urology, Urology, Reconstructive Urology, Andrology, and Kidney Transplant. 

Pediatrics and neonatology

Dr. Badshah S. Khan- Dr. Badshah S. Khan has an experience of 8 years in this field. He has completed his M.D.-Physician from DGMA-Makhachkala, Russia in the year 2002 and D.N.B. in the year 2004. He also pursued DCH from College of Physicians and Surgeons of Mumbai in the year 2010. 

Dr. Samir S. Sheikh – Dr. Samir S. Sheikh finished his M.B.B.S. and M.D. (Paediatrics) from Shri M.P. Shah Medical College, Jamnagar. He also did D.M. (Neonatology) from PGIMER, Chandigarh. Dr. Sheikh is an NNF Certified national instructor. 

Dr. Mehul Mitra- Dr. Mehul Mitra has an experience of 21 years in the field of intensive care and Neonatology. He did his M.B.B.S in the year 1987 and M.D. in the year 1990 from Gujarat University, Ahmedabad. 

Dr. Ankit Gupta- Dr. Ankit Gupta is specialized in Pediatric Intensive Care (PICU) and Pediatric Cardiac ICU. He is working as a senior consultant, Pediatric Critical Care Medicine at Wockhardt Hospital. 


Dr. Shrikant Kothekar- Dr. Shrikant Kothekar is one of the finest doctors practicing at the Department of Vascular and Interventional Radiology.  He completed his graduation from G.M.C Nagpur in the year 1983 and M.D. in Radiology in the year 1987. Dr. Kothekar worked as a lecturer for three years in an institute. He is an active member of Indian Medical Association (IMA), Academy of Medical Sciences (AMS) and Academy of Medical Faculty (AMF). 
Dr. Jaydeep Desai- Dr. Jaydeep Desai finished his M.B.B.S. from M.S. University of Baroda in the year 1992 and M.D. (General Medicine) from M.S. University of Baroda in the year 1996. He also did D.N.B. (Cardiology) Gold Medalist from Jaslok Hospital, Mumbai & National Board, Delhi in the year 2001. 

Packages and services offered:

Wockhardt Hospital was established with the aim to provide the finest healthcare facilities to people all across the country. To fulfill this aim, the hospital offers a list of the packages and services. These include:

  • Chelation Therapy
  • Hemato Oncology
  • Biochemistry
  • Eosinophilia Treatment
  • Thalassemia
  • Pharmacy
  • ECG
  • CT Scan
  • Endoscopy
  • Neurology
  • Bone Marrow Transplant
  • Blood Transfusion
  • Lymphatic drainage
  • Stem Cell Transplantation
  • Antinuclear Antibody (Ana) Test
  • Operation Theatre
  • Physiotherapy
  • Urology
  • Bone Density Test/Densitometry
  • Angioplasty
  • Doppler Ultrasound
  • Angiography
  • Ultrasonography
  • Haemophilia
  • X-Ray
  • Varicose Veins Treatment
  • Varicose veins EVLT
  • Varicose Veins Laser Therapy
  • Diabetic Foot Check-Up
  • Minor Surgery
  • ICU
  • Interventional Radiology
  • Interventional Neuroradiology
  • Endovascular Surgery
  • Peripheral Vascular Disease
  • Endovascular neurosurgery
  • Vascular Surgery
  • Varicose Veins
  • Stroke/Paralysis Management
  • Carotid Stenting
  • Brain Aneurysm
  • Portal Hypertension
  • Foot ulcer

Flying Doctors – Wockhardt Hospital believes that all patients should have access to world-class healthcare facilities. Thus, for the same Wockhardt holds a special team of flying doctors, nurses, pilots and support staff, to help evacuate patients from even the most remote areas around the world. It is the only hospital in the country that offers tertiary care to patients even at an altitude of 30,000 feet. 
Patient Support Service – Wockhardt Hospital understands that hospitalization can be a stressful experience for the patients and their families. Thus, to relieve the stress, the hospital offers Patient Support Services. These are tailor-made services that are specially designed to take care of basic tasks and errands of patients and their loved ones, while the patients are at the hospital. Facilities included in this are:

  • Travel and stay
  • Nutrition and Cuisine 
  • Shopping and Errands
  • Connectivity and Assistance

Day Care Services – Staff at Wockhardt understands that the patients want to limit their stay in hospital as much as they can. Understanding this, Wockhardt Hospital offers the facility of walk-in walk-out treatments. It offers comfortable day-care facilities for medical procedures that do not require overnight hospitalization.
International Patient Department – The International Patients Department at Wockhardt assists its patients in planning and preparing their travel itinerary to the hospital. The hospital organizes treatment packages, provides visa assistance, and arranges for airport pickup & accommodation in hotels for international patients.

Preventive Health Packages – Wockhardt recognizes the need for identifying an ailment at the right time. Thus, it offers a range of preventive health packages to spot disease at an early stage when the changes of treatment are better. The hospital offers the following preventing health packages:
Basic Health Check-up
Executive Health Check-up
Premium Health Check-up
Treatments and Procedures Offered

Wockhardt was set-up as a destination for advanced care. The hospital has always believed in bringing the latest techniques, procedures, and innovations in specialties and super-specialties at par. With this belief, the hospital now offers a range of treatments and procedures for its patients. These include:

  • AVM Surgery
  • Valvuloplasty Surgery
  • Vascular Surgery
  • Cardiac Pacemaker
  • Cranioplasty and Craniotomy Surgery
  • Lumbar Fusion Surgery
  • Total Knee Replacement (TKR)
  • Total Hip Replacement (THR)
  • Brain Tumor Treatment
  • Spine Cancer Surgery
  • Spine Cancer Surgery
  • Laminectomy Surgery
  • Pancreatic Surgery
  • Urology Oncology
  • Chemotherapy Treatment
  • Cervical Cancer Treatment
  • Breast Reduction Surgery
  • Breast Augmentation Surgery
  • Cervical Cancer Treatment
  • Gynecomastia Treatment
  • Breast Lift Surgery
  • VSD Closure Surgery
  • Hernia Treatment
  • Kidney Transplant
  • Kidney Stone Treatment
  • Blepharoplasty Surgery
  • Aneurysm Surgery
  • Coronary Angioplasty
  • Coronary Angiography
  • Liposuction Surgery
  • Hysterectomy Surgery
  • Forehead Lift Surgery
  • Hair Transplant Surgery
  • Breast Augmentation Surgery
  • Nose Surgery
  • Polypectomy
  • ERCP Procedure
  • PCNL Surgery
  • Cervical Cancer Treatment
  • Abdominoplasty Surgery

Technologies at Wockhardt Hospital:

Wockhardt Hospital is an advance multispecialty medical institution that is known for its international standards of technology with a fusion of traditional Indian and modern medicine. 
Awards and Recognitions of Wockhardt Hospital
Shine Anil and Hazel Almedia have been awarded Winnurse 2007; Wockhardt Best Nurse Supervisor and Wockhardt Best Nurse. 
Wockhardt Hospital has been awarded “Amity Corporate Excellence Award” at the International Business Summit of Amity Business School. 

Affiliation and Certifications

Wockhardt Hospital is one of the most reputed hospitals in the country which stands as an epitome for providing clinical excellence and the highest standards of safety and hygiene. Being a provider of such top-class healthcare facilities, the hospital holds the below-mentioned certifications from the following institutes and organizations:
Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR)
National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers (NABH)
Joint Commission International (JCI)
National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA)

Hospital discharge process

Once the treatment is complete and the patient recovers satisfactorily, the consultant of the patient will brief him or his family about the discharge date. Management will guide the patient about the discharge procedure. 

* The discharges are planned for 11 am. In case the patient fails to vacate the room by the discharge time, the patient may be required to pay an additional fee. Up to next 8 hours, the patient may need to pay half a day’s rent and after that, an entire day’s rent may be charged.

Visitors’ guidelines

For visitors, there are certain guidelines that need to be followed. These include:

The visiting hours for the guests visiting a patient are 05:00 PM to 07:00 PM.
Children below the age of 12 are not allowed to visit any patient.
Bringing flowers, food, and beverages or any other items from the outside is prohibited in the hospital premises.

Amenities by the hospital

Wockhardt Hospital prioritizes the comfort of its patients and their families. It thus offers a wide range of amenities. These include:
Multi-bed / A/C: This fully air-conditioned room has 4 beds in each cubicle where 8 patients can stay at a time. No companion is allowed in the room with the patient. The room has independent telephone connections and a common bathroom.
Twin Sharing: These rooms are fully air-conditioned where two patients can stay. Other amenities of the room include:
Sofa cum bed for one companion
Independent telephone connection
Cable TV
Attached bathroom
Storage & Locker facilities in the room
Deluxe Single A/C room: This room includes amenities such as:
Cable TV
Attached bathroom
Independent telephone connection
Storage & Locker facilities in the room
Sofa cum bed for one companion
Private Deluxe: This room is fully-air-conditioned with attached bathroom. Other amenities of the room include:
Minibar refrigerator
Room food service
Laundry Service
Independent telephone connection
Storage & Locker facilities in the room
Colour Television with cable connection and DVD player
Surfing facility on broadband internet
Sofa cum bed for one companion
Tea and Coffee maker
Local pre-activated mobile phone

Facilities in Wockhardt Hospital

  •  Parking
  •  ICU
  •  Ambulance
  •  Laboratory
  •  Online Appointments
  •  Credit Card
  •  Reception

Other facilities in the hospital include

  • Blood bank
  • Cafeteria
  • Travel Desk
  • Prayer Room
  • Bank/ATM
  • Parking
  • Diagnostic Lab Service
  • Emergency Service
  • 24X7 Pharmacy Internet/Wifi
  • Money Exchange Service
  • Laundry Room

Reviews for Wockhardt Hospital

 List of Wockhardt Hospitals in India

Wockhardt Hospitals is a well-known hospital chain that serves patients in various locations across India. Below mentioned is the list of Wockhardt Hospitals in India:

Wockhardt Hospitals, South Mumbai A New Age Hospital 
Address: 1877, Dr.Anand Rao Nair Road, Near Agripada Police Station, Mumbai Central (E), Mumbai- 400 011

Wockhardt Hospitals, The Umrao IMSR- North Mumbai
Address: The Umrao IMSR, Naya Nagar, Mira Road, Mira Bhayandar, Maharashtra 401107

Sterling Wockhardt Hospital, Vashi
Address: Sion- Panvel Expy, Sector 7, Vashi, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra 400703

N M Virani Wockhardt Hospital, Rajkot
Address: Kalawad Road Near St. Mary’s High School, Rajkot, Gujarat 360007

Wockhardt Super Speciality Hospital, Nagpur
Address: 1643, North Ambazari Road, Nagpur – 440033

Wockhardt Heart Hospital
Address: 27, Corporation Colony, North Ambazari Road, Ambazari, Nagpur – 440033, Near University Campus Nagpur, Shankar Nagar

Wockhardt Hospitals
Address: Wani House, Near Wadala Naka, Mumbai – Agra Road, Nashik- 422001

Wockhardt Hospitals in Awards

Wockhardt Hospital has been awarded with the following awards for its services and named as “Indian Multinational Healthcare Provider”: 
2008 – Wockhardt Hospitals inked a memorandum of understanding with CGHS (Central Government Health Scheme)
2009 – Wockhardt Hospital Nagpur becomes the first multispecialty hospital in central India to be accredited by NABH
2010 – Commissioned NUSI Wockhardt Hospital, Goa
2012 – Wockhardt Hospital Nagpur rated as the best Multi-Specialty hospital in the region
2013 – NUSI Wockhardt Hospital Goa, becomes the first NABH accredited hospital in the state
2014 – Launched a new Wockhardt facility in South Mumbai
2015 – Received nine awards at the Golden Globe Tigers Award 2015

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