Sitopaladi Churna: Uses, Side Effects, Composition, Price & Dosages

Sitopaladi Churna: Uses, Side Effects, Composition, Price & Dosages post thumbnail image

Sitopaladi Churna is an ayurvedic medicine used for treating respiratory disorders, cold and cough, and pneumonia. It helps in improving appetite and fighting seasonal allergies. It is made from Pippali, which is considered to be one of the best expectorants. Due to its antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, it also helps in treating diabetes, anemia, and migraines. It is considered a safe and natural anti-cough formula suitable for all age groups. 

NatureAyurvedic medicine
UsesRelspiratory disorders, fighting allergies and diabetes
Composition       Mishri(Sugar) Pippali, (Piper Longum), Vanshlochan (Bamboo manna), Tweak (Cinnamon) &  Elaichi (Green cardamom)
Side effectsBlood glucose levels, gastritis (in some cases)

Uses and Benefits of Sitopaladi Churna:

Sitopaladi Churna is an ayurvedic medicine used for the treatment of respiratory problems. Its uses in improving digestion and fighting against seasonal allergies.

This medicine is used in the treatment of the following conditions: 

  • Respiratory problems: It is used to treat cough, chest congestion, and other respiratory diseases. This expectorant helps loosen and expel phlegm. Its antitussive property is attributed to affect the central nervous system and suppresses the cough. Depending upon the severity of cough it can be taken with honey or ghee alongside other medicines.
  • Fighting allergies: People who are prone to allergies, their immune system responds to allergens such as dust, pollen, and dander. This causes symptoms such as running nose, irritation in the throat and watery eyes. It has antihistamine properties that use in fighting allergies.
  • Diabetes: It contains strong a-amylase that helps in preventing the body from absorbing starch. It also uses in controlling blood sugar level.

Complex carbohydrates need to be broken down by the digestive enzyme amylase and other secondary enzymes before they are absorbed. In vitro studies show that churna has strong α-amylase inhibition activity

It has a strong a-amylase which is the substance that use to prevent your body from absorbing starches. It uses to control blood sugar levels and postprandial hypoglycemia.

  • Anemia: This condition is common among females that often lead to weakness. It is a combination of herbs such as cinnamon, cardamom and Piper Longum that helps in treating anemia.
  • Sinus congestion: This condition is often caused by common cold and one may experience a runny nose. It acts as an expectorant that provides relief from cough and congestion.

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Side Effects of Sitopaladi Churna:

Sitopaladi Churna, in most cases, does not cause any adverse effect if administered the incorrect dose. Taking this medicine on an empty stomach may cause gastritis. Hence, it is advised to take this medicine after having a meal. Apart from this, patients with diabetes must exercise caution while administering this supplement as it may impact blood glucose levels. 

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Common Dosage of Sitopaladi Churna:

It is advised to take 1 teaspoonful, 3-6g twice in a day with honey. The recommended dosage for children is 500-1000 mg twice a day with a suitable adjuvant. While for adults, the recommended dosage is 2-4g two times a day with a suitable adjuvant. 

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Composition and Nature of Sitopaladi Churna:

Sitopaladi Churna is a widely used ayurvedic herbal remedy for respiratory disorders. It contains the following ingredients: 

  • Mishri(Sugar)
  • Vanshlochan (Bamboo manna)
  • Twak (Cinnamon)
  • Elaichi (Green cardamom)

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How to use Sitopaladi Churna?

Sitopaladi Churna must be taken after having a meal as it may cause gastritis in some cases. For the treatment of dry cough, it is advised to mix 2-4 grams of this Churna along with 5 grams of ghee and 2.5 grams of honey. While, for the treatment of productive cough, it is suggested to mix 2-4 grams of this Churna with 5 grams honey and 2.5 grams of ghee. 

How Sitopaladi Churna works?

It is an ayurvedic supplement comprising of four herbs that boost the immune system and provide relief from cold and cough. These include Elaichi, Tvak, Pippali, and Vanshlochan. These herbs promote various medicinal properties that help in improving the immune system. This medicine acts as an expectorant that decreases phlegm from the lungs and reduces productive cough.

When Sitopaladi Churna is prescribed?

Sitopaladi churna is used to treat various respiratory problems and improve appetite. It has numerous health benefits and is prescribed in treating the following conditions: 

  • Cough: It has antitussive and anti-inflammatory properties that use in treating cough. Cough developed during pregnancy can be treated with this ayurvedic supplement.
  • Tuberculosis: It has a bacteriostatic effect on tuberculosis. It relieves symptoms in the initial stages of these diseases. This supplement when used in combination with other an antitubercular drugs relieves the symptoms such as fatigue, night sweats.
  • Fever:  It helps in removing toxins that cause fever. This ayurvedic medicine provides relief from symptoms such as tiredness.
  • Tonsillitis: The swollen tonsils can be treated with Sitopaladi Churna when taken along with other medicines. The medicine in combination with other medicines use in reducing symptoms such as swelling, sore throat and inflammation.

Warnings and Precautions – When to Avoid Sitopaladi Churna?

The following precautions and warnings must be adhered to while administering Sitopaladi Churna: 

  • Sitopaladi Churna should be taken after having a meal in order to avoid gastritis.
  • Patients suffering with diabetes must exercise caution while taking this supplement as it impacts the blood glucose levels.

Sitopaladi Churna Manufacturers:

The medicine is available in different brands: 

  • Dabur Sitopaladi Churna
  • Herbal Hills Sitopaladi Churna
  • Basic Ayurveda Sitopaladi Churna
  • Zandu Sitopaladi Churna
  • Tansukh Sitopaladi Churna
  • Sri Sri Tattva Sitopaladi Churna
  • Baidyanath Sitopaladi Churna
  • Vaidhyashala Sitopaladi Churna

Sitopaladi Churna Price in India:

Dabur Sitopaladi ChurnaINR 57(Box of 30gm powder)INR 82.5(Box of 60 gm powder)INR 108.75 (Box of 500 gm powder)
Herbal Hills Sitopaladi ChurnaINR 1320(Packet of 1g powder)
Basic Ayurveda Sitopaladi Churna     INR 135( Jar of 100gm powder)
Zandu Sitopaladi ChurnaINR 221(Bottle of 1 gm powder)
Tansukh Sitopaladi ChurnaINR 110 (Bottle of 60 gm powder)
Sri Sri Tattva Sitopaladi ChurnaINR 90 (Bottle of 80 gm powder)
Baidyanath Sitopaladi ChurnaINR 110(Bottle of 60 gm powder)
Vaidhyashala Sitopaladi ChurnaINR190 (Bottle of 100 gm powder)

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How to store Sitopaladi Churna?

It should be kept in a cool and dry place, away from direct light. It is advised to keep this medicine away from the reach of children. 


1) Is it oaky to consume Sitopaladi Churna before driving?

Ans: Yes, it is fine to consume Sitopaladi Churna before driving. 

2) How long should I take Sitopaladi Churna till I see an improvement in my condition?

Ans: It will show its effect within two weeks. However, it is advised to take this product in the dose and duration as prescribed by the health practitioner. 

3) Is Sitopaladi Churna addictive in nature?

Ans: No, It is not addictive in nature. It should be taken only under medical supervision.

4) Is it safe to administer this Churna during pregnancy?

Ans: Yes, this ayurvedic powder is regarded safe to be consumed during pregnancy. However, it is advised to consult an Ayurvedic practitioner before administering it.

5) Does Sitopaladi Churna makes you feel drowsy?

Ans: No, it does not make you drowsy if administered in recommended doses. However, if you are experiencing drowsiness after consuming it, then you must consult a medical practitioner. 

6) Can Sitopaladi Churna be used to treat bronchitis?

Ans: Yes, it is used to treat bronchitis. Because it is an ayurvedic product is useful in treating respiratory conditions such as asthma and pneumonia. 

7) Does consuming Sitopaladi Churna have any adverse effect on breastfeeding females?

Ans: No, it is not known to have an adverse effect on breastfeeding females. However, women are advised to consult a doctor before taking this medicine.

8) Can Sitopaladi Churna be administered to children?

Ans: Yes, it is fine to be administered by children. But, it is advised to consult a pediatrician before giving it to your child. 

9) What is the general prescribed Quantity for this Churna?

Ans: The maximum quantity of it is half to 1 teaspoon(3-6g) two times a day. It is advised to consume this product as advised by the medical practitioner. 

10) Does Sitopaladi Churna helps in relieving cough?

Ans: It is an ayurvedic medicine that uses in curing cough. It is advised to take 2-4 grams of this powder twice daily in order to get rid of the cough.

11) My child is prone to cold and cough. Can you suggest me an ayurvedic treatment for cough?

Ans: It is an effective ayurvedic medicine that cures colds and cough. Its anti-inflammatory properties can treat cough and is suitable for adults and children. The doctor may prescribe a Quantity of 500-1000 mg every day, depending upon the severity of the cough. 

12) What will happen if a person overdoses on Sitopaladi Churna?

Ans: Taking more than the recommended dose of Sitopaladi Churna may cause gastritis. Therefore, it is advised not to exceed the daily recommended dose.

13) Are there any side effects of consuming Sitopaladi Churna?

Ans: It is a safe medicine, but administering it in more than the prescribed dose can cause minor side effects. Taking this powder on an empty stomach can cause gastritis. Hence, it should be taken with a meal. Also, it contains cinnamon that may impact blood glucose levels, so caution must be exercised by diabetic patients. 

14) Can I administer this Churna with water?

Ans: No, It should not be administered with water. It should be consumed either with honey or ghee.

15) Is it safe to consume this ayurvedic Churna without doctor’s consultation?

Ans: No, it is advised not to consume this medicine without consulting a doctor. Although it is an ayurvedic medicine, a doctor’s advice is mandatory before administering it.

16) What are the benefits of Sitopaladi Churna?

Ans: It is an ayurvedic medicine that is used for treating cough. It can be given in both productive and non-productive cough. This supplement has the following benefits:

  • It acts as an expectorant that helps in reducing phlegm in the respiratory tract.
  • It helps in increasing appetite.
  • It boosts the immune system.
  • It is helpful in reducing sinus congestion and infective sinusitis.
  • It reduces inflammation of the nose and respiratory tract.
  • It helps in reducing respiratory congestion and bronchial conditions.

17) What are main ingredients of Sitopaladi Churna?

Ans: The main ingredients of Sitopaladi Churna are: 

  • Vanshlochan
  • Pippali
  • Elaichi
  • Tvak

18) How does this Churna works?

Ans: It is an ayurvedic medicine that strengthens the respiratory system and other parts of the body. Its uses in improving immunity and fights off infectious diseases. It is also used in dilating the respiratory tract that soothes the throat mucosa and reduces discomfort in the throat and provides relief in non-productive cough.  

19) Is the consumption of this Churna safe for breastfeeding females?

Ans: Yes, It is considered safe for breastfeeding females when used under medical supervision. 

20) What are the medicinal properties of this Ayurvedic Churna?

Ans: It has the following properties: 

  • Antitussive
  • Immunomodulatory
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Antibacterial
  • Adaptogenic
  • Appetizer and Digestive Stimulant
  • Antioxidant

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