Rablet 20 MG Tablet: Uses, Side Effects, Composition & Dosages

Rablet 20 MG Tablet: Uses, Side Effects, Composition & Dosages post thumbnail image

In today’s fast-paced lifestyle, there is no love truer than the love for food. However, there may be times where our passion for all things food can cause health problems for our digestive mechanism. In such situations, doctors generally prescribe a class of medicines known as antacids, which are known to treat a large majority of gastrointestinal problems, ranging from the regular but very troublesome gas to more severe medical conditions. Medicines that belong to the class of antacids can also be used to treat chronic medical ailments like ulcers of the stomach and/or intestine. Rablet 20 MG Tablet is one medication that belongs to the category of antacids. 

The Rablet 20 MG Tablet is manufactured by Lupin Ltd, and is available at pharmacist shops across the globe, upon producing a valid prescription from a medical expert. It is generally available in a pack of 20 tablets per leaflet and is safe for use by adults and children alike. However, children might require dose readjustments, depending upon the type of medical condition, its severity, and/or the age of the patient. 

Uses & Benefits of Rablet:

The most common uses of the Rablet 20 MG Tablet is for the prevention and/or treatment of the following medical conditions:

  • Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD): this medical condition is caused due to the stomach acid traveling back into the food pipe (esophagus) that connects the stomach to the mouth. It is characterized by irritation in the inner lining of the food pipe due to constant contact with the stomach acid.
  • Stomach ulcers: ulcers are painful sores that occur in the inner lining of the stomach, or the esophagus and/or the intestines. The common cause for the occurrence of ulcers is due to the reduction in the thick layer of the mucus that prevents the inner lining of the stomach. Thinning of the mucus layer makes the inner lining of the stomach susceptible to the occurrence of ulcers.
  • Acidity: acidity is the most common gas problem caused due to stomach acid flowing back into the food pipe. It is characterized by heartburn in the lower chest area. Acidity is also caused due to the excess production of hydrochloric acid in the stomach.

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Side Effects of Rablet:

Consumption of Rablet 20 MG Tablet may cause certain side effects in the patient, which may include but are not limited to the following:

  • Chronic fatigue
  • Gas and indigestion
  • Joint pain
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Inflammation of the sinuses
  • muscle pain
  • insomnia and headache
  • dizziness
  • rhinitis
  • abdominal pain

If the patient experiences any other unexplained symptoms upon consumption of the Rablet 20 MG Tablet, it may be due to allergic reactions induced due to any one or more components of the Rablet. In such cases, the patient must get the dose of the medication readjusted to minimize the allergic reactions from the Rablet 20 MG Tablet. 

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Common Dosage of Rablet:

The prescribed dosage for a patient depends upon a number of factors, which include but are not always limited to the following:

  • age of the patient
  • gender of the patient
  • medical history/pre-existing diseases that the patient is suffering from
  • allergies of the patient
  • Current medical condition as well as the severity of the condition for which the medicine is to be prescribed.
  • Any other medication that the patient might be on while consuming the Rablet 20 MG Tablet.

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Composition and Nature of Rablet:

As far as its nature is concerned, the Rablet 20 MG Tablet is an antacid medication. An antacid is any drug that can help neutralize the effect of the acid that is produced in the stomach of the patient. They generally contain compounds that are acid-reducers, i. e. compounds that are capable of inhibiting the action as well as further production of stomach acid. 

The main active ingredient of the Rablet 20 MG Tablet is known as rabeprazole. Essentially, rabeprazole is a proton pump inhibitor, which means that it is capable of suppressing the production of gastric acid in the stomach of the human body. While rabeprazole is largely beneficial, it may cause certain side effects, which are usually mild but may include deficiency of some essential nutrients, and even significant bone damage. 

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How Rablet 20 MG Tablet Works?

The main component of the Rablet 20 MG Tablet, rabeprazole, is a proton pump inhibitor (PPI). Its mechanism involves decreasing the amount of acid produced by and present in the stomach of the patient. It signals the brain to decrease the production of gastric acid, which helps to alleviate a number of symptoms concerning gastrointestinal complications. The regulation of gastric acid production helps protect the average thickness of the mucus lining of the stomach that prevents heartburn as well as the formation of ulcers.

Precautions and Warning – When to avoid Rablet 20 MG Tablet?

  • the interaction of alcohol with the Rablet 20 MG Tablet is known to be dangerous to the health of the patient. It is advised that patients who are currently on a steady dose of Rablet must use alcohol with caution.
  • For pregnant women, the use of Rablet 20 MG Tablet is dependent on the overall benefits of the medicine as compared to the risks posed by it. The Rablet may pose a risk for the developing foetus, but within an acceptable range.
  • Use of the Rablet 20 MG Tablet is extremely unsafe for lactating women since it could affect the quality and/or composition of the milk, which can cause health complications for the baby.
  • Regular use of the Rablet 20 MG Tablet interferes with the concentration abilities of the patient. Hence, it is advised to not engage in activities like driving while under the effect of the medication.
  • Store the medicine in a cool and dry place, and never use expired products.
  • For patients with severe pre-existing liver conditions, the dosage of the Rablet 20 MG Tablet must be prescribed with caution.

Substitutes for Rablet:

Any antacid medication with similar composition, or with rabeprazole as its main active component can serve as a viable alternative for the Rablet 20 MG Tablet medicine. Some of the possible substitutes include the following:

  • Raberite 20 mg tablet
  • L Rabi 20 mg tablet
  • Acera 20 mg tablet

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