Nexpro Tablet: Uses, Side Effects, Dosages & Price

Nexpro Tablet: Uses, Side Effects, Dosages  & Price post thumbnail image

Uses & Benefits of Nexpro:

It is very effective in treating a host of gastric problems. It reduces the production of acid in the stomach and helps to relieve symptoms of gastric problems.

  • Peptic and Gastric Ulcers
  • Gastroesophageal reflux disease
  • Heartburn and other symptoms of gastric problems are reduced
  • Helicobacter pylori infection
  • Erosive esophagitis
  • Zollinger Ellison Syndrome
  • Also useful in treating various ulcers of the stomach and small intestine

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Side Effects of Nexpro:

It is common for any medication to give some side effects and Nexpro is no exception. However, the side effects will not be the same for every individual who uses the medication and it depends on the dosage and overall health condition of the person. Some of the common side effects of this medication are mentioned below.

  • It is common to experience symptoms of nausea and headache while using this medication.
  • Skin rash and redness can also be noticed in some cases.
  • Swelling can be seen on the face and lips area.
  • Heartbeat can also become irregular.
  • Pain in the stomach accompanied by diarrhea.
  • Fever and general weakness can be seen.
  • Low appetite while using this medication.

You need to strictly follow the guidelines of your doctor with regards to dosage as an increase in dosage can aggravate the side effects. As soon as you notice any severe intensity in side effects, approach your doctor and seek proper help.

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Common Dosage of Nexpro:

The dosage of medication given depends on the severity of the problem and your doctor will decide on this after examining your health condition. Make sure to follow them properly as missing the medication can impact the treatment. When you have missed taking the medication by only a few hours, you can take it as soon as you get time. On the other hand, you should also be careful about overdose and immediately approach your doctor when there are any adverse effects of this medication.

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Composition and Nature of Nexpro:

The main ingredient of this tablet is Esomeprazole and this helps to decrease the acid levels in the stomach. The tablet is manufactured by Torrent Pharma and most doctors prescribe this medication for treating various gastric problems.

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How to use Nexpro Tablet?

Your doctor will guide you properly with regards to taking the medication in the right dosage and you need to follow the instructions strictly to get the best results. Remember that overdose can cause various complications and increase the chances of having side effects. In general, this tablet is consumed orally along with water and you need to take this before having some food. Also, avoid using the tablet with other hot beverages like coffee or tea as they can hamper the working of this tablet inside the stomach.

How does Nexpro Tablet work?

This tablet works by regulating the production of acid in the stomach. It has esomeprazole that reduces the acid produced in the stomach and this helps to provide relief from a host of gastric problems. In this way, it reduces various symptoms associated with ulcers and other infections associated with the stomach region.

Warnings and Precautions – When to Avoid Nexpro?

It is important to use the medication only when it is prescribed by your doctor. In this way, you can be sure about its uses and how it can increase your health problems. Never get this directly over the counter without consulting your doctor. Remember that an overdose can cause various side effects in the long run.

You should not depend on this tablet for regulating gastric problems in the long run. This is only a temporary solution to get relief from symptoms of gastric problems and ulcers and you need to consider other options to get permanent relief from such problems. It is not advisable to use this tablet for a very long duration unless approved by your doctor.

It is important to note that this tablet can have some interaction with alcohol and you need to avoid this while having gastric problems. Consuming alcohol can increase the number of acids in the stomach and contradict the purpose of taking this medication.

You should also be careful about symptoms of liver problems as this can exaggerate such problems and your doctor may prescribe an alternative when you are suffering from such problems.

Care should be taken while using this tablet during lactation and you should always get approval from your doctor in this case. Depending on your overall health condition, your doctor will prescribe a suitable dosage to treat your problem.

This tablet can also increase the risk of osteoporosis in some patients and you need to consult your doctor if you are prone to getting such problems.

The biggest threat of using this tablet comes with symptoms of bleeding and you need to be very careful about such problems. However, such symptoms appear only in extreme cases and when the tablet is used for an extended duration.

Substitutes for Nexpro:

In some cases, you may not get Nexpro in your neighborhood medical stores. In that situation, you can consult your doctor and choose any of the alternatives that provide the same effect. If you are buying the medication on your own, make sure to check for the composition and strength of the medication and compare them with Nexpro. Some of the substitutes you can consider for Nexpro are given here.

  • Oskar S by Mankind Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
  • Esomac by Cipla Ltd.
  • Sompraz Fast by Sun Pharma Laboratories Ltd.
  • Izra by Unichem Laboratories Ltd.
  • Esoprazole by Wockhardt Ltd.

Make sure to consult your doctor when you are choosing the substitutes and use them in the appropriate dosage as suggested by your doctor. In this way, you can get relief from the problem even while using the substitute medication.

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Nexpro Tablet Interactions with Other Drugs:

  • There can be many effects that are not desired when the medication is combined with other medication or substances. In some cases, when the patient is suffering from any other diseases, it can impact the way medication works and cause various effects. 
  • This medication can have a severe impact on medications like Methotrexate, Clopidogrel and Nelfinavir. In the same manner, it can have moderate interaction when used with medicines like Digoxin, Ketoconazole and Warfarin. Note that in this situation, the overall effect of Nexpro can slow down or reduce to a large extent when combined with these medicines. It can also cause some other side effects in this situation. Discuss these issues with your doctor so that you can get the suitable medication or make appropriate changes in the dosage to get relief from symptoms.
  • Even though there is no known interaction with alcohol, it is always a good idea to avoid consumption of alcohol when you are suffering from any sort of ulcers or gastric problems. You can get in touch with your doctor to discuss more about this situation and follow the instructions given by your doctor.
  • You should be careful when you are suffering from osteoporosis as Nexpro can have some effect in this situation and your doctor will manage the dosage according to your health condition.
  • The same guidelines need to be followed when you are suffering from any sort of liver problems as you may not get effective results with the regular dosage. Make sure to discuss such problems with your doctor and they will adjust the dosage as per your individual needs.
  • It is very important to note that using Nexpro while taking a diagnostic test for Neuroendocrine tumor is not a good idea as this can give a false positive result. For this reason, you need to inform your doctor about your health condition and they will suggest suitable alternatives to handle the situation.
  • There can be many other interactions apart from the ones mentioned in this list and you need to be careful about food intake and using other medication along with Nexpro. Whenever you notice any adverse effects of this medication, consult your doctor and they will make suitable changes to the dosage or suggest other alternatives to provide relief from the symptoms.


1) Can Nexpro Tablet be used to treat acid reflux problems?

Ans: It can be easily used to treat various problems associated with gastric ulcers. In this regard, it can be safely used for acid reflux problems and it provides quick relief from such symptoms. This tablet reduces the amount of acid in the stomach and the acid reflux symptoms will ease naturally in this manner.

2) Is it safe to use Nexpro while breastfeeding?

Ans: It is generally safe to use this tablet while breastfeeding your child as there are no known side effects of this tablet in this situation. However, you need to consult your doctor before choosing this option as they will carefully analyze the overall health condition and provide the best prescription suited for your needs. They may alter the dosage or prescribe other drugs in combination with Nexpro to counter the side effects in this situation.

3) Is Nexpro safe to use during pregnancy?

Ans: In most cases, doctors do not prescribe this medication during pregnancy. You should try to look for natural ways to control acid production in the stomach during this situation. As the tablet reduces the acid produced in the stomach, it can have some side effects and you need to avoid this during pregnancy.

4) How long can Nexpro Tablet be used?

Ans: It is safe to use the tablet for about two weeks if you are not able to get relief from the symptoms within a few days. However, in some cases, your doctor may suggest using the medication for a longer duration to provide relief from stomach ulcers and other gastric problems. This should not be used regularly for months together and it should only be considered as a temporary solution to reduce acid production in the stomach.

5) What is the right dosage?

Ans: Generally, it is alright to take this tablet twice a day within a gap of a few hours. However, depending on your individual situation, your doctor may prescribe this in a smaller or larger dosage. You should also remember that the tablet is available in different strengths and this may also alter the dosage prescribed for your situation. The dosage also depends on the intensity of your problem, your age, and your overall health condition.

6) Should Nexpro Tablet be taken on an empty stomach?

Ans: It is advisable to use this tablet on an empty stomach as it can easily regulate acid production. However, in some cases, your doctor may suggest you have this medication after taking some food.

7) Any side effects of using Nexpro?

Ans: There can be many side effects of this tablet and it depends on the sensitivity of your stomach to such medication. You need to be aware of the fact that using other drugs or nutritional supplements can also interfere with the medication and cause various side effects. For this reason, you should always inform your doctor about other medicines you are using to treat underlying health conditions.

8) Does it have any interaction with alcohol?

Ans: Yes, the tablet may have severe interaction with alcohol, cigarettes, and other harmful drugs. You need to strictly avoid such things while using this medication as it can exaggerate the side effects and cause various complications. 

9) Do I need to prescription to buy Nexpro Tablet?

Ans: You will need a prescription to use this medication. After carefully analyzing your overall health condition, your doctor will prescribe this medication and mention the appropriate dosage in which the tablet needs to be used to provide relief from gastric problems.

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