Montair LC Kid Syrup: Uses, Side Effects, Dosages & Price

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There are several medicines that can help you relieve cold, watery eyes and runny nose. However, Montair Lc Kid Syrup is considered to be one of the best medicines when it comes to treating these symptoms. Montair Lc kid belongs to the group of drugs called an antihistamine, and it has been effectively used in the treatment of people suffering from a runny nose, itchy or watery eyes, sneezing, and hives. Since these symptoms can prevail throughout the year, it is recommended to seek advice from experts to get rid of them before using Montair Lc kid for any of these seasonal allergies.

This medicine effectively blocks histamine (a natural substance) which is usually generated body during any sort of allergies and fights against the symptoms of the reaction quickly and efficiently. This medicine is being recommended by a lot of doctors of late in the treatment of these symptoms, and well, Montair Lc Kid Syrup has to be consumed orally, and this medicine comes in the form of syrups and also a solution-based (syrup).

Both the forms are recommended by the medical practitioners to their patients. At times, doctors prescribe both the forms of medicines to be used in combination along with other medicines for effective results, and this is completely based on the individuals and their symptoms. This medicine is harmless and can be taken with or without food as prescribed by the doctor.

This medicine has been one of the most recommended ones these days by a lot of practitioners to treat both seasonal and all-year-round allergies effectively. Since this medicine belongs to the family of drugs called antihistamines they are known to cure any allergy-related issues quickly.

You should also keep in mind not to stop these medicines suddenly as there is a possibility that your symptoms may get worse. Too much of Montair Lc Kid Syrup can lead to extensive drowsiness. It is advisable to take in the amount as prescribed by your doctor.

Uses & Benefits of Montair LC Kid Syrup:

Montair Lc Kid medicine is usually prescribed to those patients who complain of seasonal and all-year-round allergies like Rhinitis. Along with that, this medicine is also used in the treatment of skin allergies like Urticaria. Most doctors prescribe this medicine these days as they are easily available and also has been proven to be effective.

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Side Effects of Montair LC Kid Syrup:

This medicine is known to have lesser side effects, but a lot of patients who have taken this medicine have complained about being extremely drowsy. Hence, this medicine is usually recommended to be taken in the evenings as you can rest well.

Some of the other common side effects reported by patients who take Montair Lc kid syrup are as follows.

  • Drowsiness can be one of the most common symptoms which a lot of patients have reported after taking Montair Lc Kid syrup.
  • Mild or severe headaches are also one of the reported symptoms by a lot of patients, and some of them have reported it to be severe and have also gotten in touch with the doctors. 
  • Fuzzy or blurred vision due to drowsiness can also become severe at times which requires a medical practitioner’s attention immediately while taking this medicine.
  • A cough and running nose along with the sensations of mouth getting dried up and when it becomes unbearable it is mandatory to be administered by the medical practitioner.
  • Diarrhea combined with vomit and feeling of nausea.
  • Difficulties in passing urine can become severe at times, and this has to be reported immediately else, it can have adverse effects on the kidneys.
  • Mood swings, frustrations, and aggression can also be caused while this medicine is being taken.
  • Some patients have also complained of breathing problems while on this medicine.  
  • These were some of the most common side effects reported with the usage of Montair Lc kid syrup, and it is still recommended to seek medical guidance immediately if any of these conditions worsen. 
  • When this medicine is consumed in overdosages, the side effects can be adverse, and it includes restlessness, confusion and also restlessness and these things should automatically be reported to your doctors to avoid further complications.

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Common Dosage of Montair LC Kid Syrup:

  • You should never miss the dosage of this medicine by any chance, and in case, if you have missed the medicine, it is advisable to take medicine as early as possible.
  • Remember to take this medicine only after seeking proper medical guidance. 
  • You need to check with the doctors and give them your complete history of ailments and in case of any allergic reactions if you have had in the past due to any of the medicines.
  • Remember to record the reaction of your body after the first dosage without fail.
  • Keep the doctor informed if you are pregnant or do have any allergies.
  • Remember to speak about any issues related to the heart, kidneys, lungs or liver before taking this medicine.
  • This medicine would be prescribed by the practitioners based on the age and also on the severity of the conditions. Hence, the dosages can be different from one person to another. Hence, seeking medical guidance from an expert becomes mandatory. 

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Composition and Nature of Montair LC Kid Syrup:

There are two medicines that are combined to get Montair Lc kid syrup, and they are Levocetirizine and Montelukast. These two medicines are known to relieve symptoms related to running nose caused due to seasons or any other allergies quickly. Levocetirizine is an anti-allergic component, and it is known to block the bacteria releasing histamine which is mainly responsible for running nose, watery eyes, and also sneezing. Hence, when this medicine along with Montelukast which acts as a leukotriene antagonist is combined, it becomes effective in fighting those bacteria causing any symptoms related to cold and running nose efficiently.  

Also, this component is known to fight against inflammation effectively unlike any other medicine. Hence, a lot of medical practitioners these days are known to prescribe Montair Lc kid syrup.

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How to use Montair LC Kid Syrup?

  • This medicine has to be taken as per the doctor’s prescription
  • Chewing or crushing the syrups should not be allowed 
  • This medicine can be taken with or without food
  • If the dosage is skipped, you need to take it immediately. If the next schedule is close by then, you must avoid consuming this medicine again.
  • This medicine should be taken according to the dosages recommended by the doctor.
  • This medicine should never be taken by mothers who are breastfeeding and also pregnant ladies without consulting their respective medical practitioners.

How does it work?

This medicine releases the chemical which can fight against histamine, which is responsible for causing a runny nose, sneezing, and inflammations. The components released by Montair Lc Kid is known to fight against the bacteria causing the symptoms of running nose thus preventing any other issues which can be caused by these bacteria.

Unless and until the histamine is blocked it becomes impossible to stop the running nose and also sneezing issues. Hence, blocking this through the antihistamine drug-like Montair Lc Kid Syrup becomes mandatory.

Warnings and Precautions – When to Avoid it?

  • This medicine should be taken as per the doctor’s prescription.
  • It is recommended to take this medicine only as per the schedule recommended by the doctor.
  • Getting certain tests done related to kidney, liver, and heart is mandatory before consuming this medicine.
  • Keeping the doctors informed about the medical and history, and also other medicines are mandatory.
  • Taking the doses on time is mandatory for effective results.
  • Consulting the doctor’s advice before stopping this medicine is essential.
  • Consuming this syrup without proper guidance can be harmful and also consuming it with any other medicines which are known to interact can also cause a lot of issues.
  • Avoid using alcohol while taking this medicine.
  • Though the medicine is not known to have any sort of interactions when pregnant ladies consume yet, it is recommended to keep the medical practitioners informed about these things as the dosages can be altered as per the need.

Substitutes for Montair LC Kid Syrup:

This medicine is available everywhere yet, and there are substitutes that can be taken in place of this medicine if in case of non-availability of Montair Lc syrup. A lot of doctors recommend the below list of syrups as a substitute for this medicine. One should know that these medicines also contain the same components and strength as Montair Lc Kid Syrup. Hence, they are recommended as substitute medicines.

  • Montina-L 2.5Mg/4Mg Syrup  manufactured by Aristo Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd
  • Infinair LD 2.5 Mg/4 Mg Syrup  manufactured by Pfizer Ltd
  • Monlez Kid Syrup  manufactured by Esmatrix Life Sciences Pvt Ltd
  • Alerdain M Kid 2.5 Mg/4 Mg Syrup manufactured by Ordain Health Care Global Pvt Ltd

These are some of the medicines which have to be reported to the doctor when Montair Lc Kid is prescribed to you.

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Montair LC Kid Syrup Interactions with Other Drugs:

When any medicine is combined with any of the following, there could be risks of the drugs interacting which can lead to some other issues and complications. Alcohol, food, and any other medicine can be a reason for the drug to interact.

When alcohol or ethanol is mixed with the Montair Lc Syrup the interactions found are moderate and it is thus recommended not to consume alcohol while taking this medicine as it can cause confusion and increase drowsiness.

There is no proper evidence that shows the interaction of this medicine with food or any other lab-related tests. However, this medicine is known to cause interactions when used with certain other medicines like Alprazolam and Codeine. If you are using any of these medicines, it is advisable that you keep your doctors informed about it, and also stopping the usage of Montair Lc Kid is definitely not recommended.

These medicines would be prescribed by the doctors based on the severity of the condition and if this medicine is stopped due to any sort of allergies or any other reactions without keeping the doctors informed can be less effective. Hence, consult the doctor in case of any issues found are always recommended.


1) Can Montair LC Kid Syrup be taken generally without consulting the doctor?

Ans: Montair Lc Syrup is always recommended to be taken only after consulting a licensed medical practitioner.

2) What is the duration of the effect of Montair LC Syrup?

Ans: The time duration of this medicine is effective is 24 hours.

3) Can alcohol be consumed while this medicine is being prescribed?

Ans: Though there are no interactions found with alcohol, it is still recommended not to consume alcohol while this medicine is prescribed.

4) How long does it take for this medicine to show results from the time of its consumption?

Ans: It hardly takes an hour for this medicine to show the results.

5) How careful should pregnant ladies be while taking Montair LC Kid Syrup?

Ans: Though there is no ample evidence available when it comes to pregnant ladies and breastfeeding mothers, it is recommended that consulting a doctor is the best thing to do in order to avoid any further complications.

6) Can breastfeeding mothers take Montair LC Syrup?

Ans: Though there aren’t any side effects reported yet, there are some reports which show that it can cause complications to the baby and the fetus. Hence, breastfeeding mothers should always get in touch with their doctors before taking this medicine.

7) Are the side effects severe?

Ans: There aren’t many side effects reported yet, some of the common side-effects reported above can become severe, and at that time it is mandatory to seek a medical practitioner’s advice on the further dosages.

8) Is it mandatory to take the doses as recommended? 

Ans: Yes, it is mandatory to take the doses as recommended by the doctors else, there would be no effect of the medicine.

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