Livogen Z Tablet: Uses, Side Effects, Composition, Dosages & Price

Livogen Z Tablet: Uses, Side Effects, Composition, Dosages & Price post thumbnail image

Livogen Z tablet manufactured by Merck is used to treat various types of anemias ranging from the megaloblastic to the ones with nutritional origins. It is often prescribed to patients during pregnancy, infancy, and childhood.

Livogen Z Overview :

Livogen Z produces blood cells and platelets in the body to counter anemia. However, certain doctors also recommend this medicine for other conditions such as skin infections, poor absorption of food, and folate deficiency. The drug also acts on the megaloblastic marrow to create a normoblastic marrow which inhibits the growth of the herpes simplex virus.

Uses and Benefits of Livogen Z:

Livogen Z tablet is used to address a number of disorders, their symptoms, and certain associated conditions. It also helps in controlling and preventing certain symptoms. Its uses are:

  • Given to patients during pregnancy
  • To stop and prevent Anaemia
  • Treatment of Skin infection
  • Treatment of megaloblastic anemias caused by a deficit of folic acid
  • Treatment of anemias of nutritional origin, infancy, pregnancy, or childhood
  • For eye and ear wash
  • To address poor Absorption Of Food,
  • To address poor diet

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Side Effects of Livogen Z:

Livogen Z like many other drugs can cause a number of side effects.  The following are some side effects one can have after consuming Livogen Z:

  • Dark or green stools
  • Constipation
  • Heartburn
  • Loss of appetite
  • Weakness
  • Diarrhea
  • Stomach upset
  • Allergic rejection
  • Abdominal distention
  • Depression
  • Stomach Cramps
  • Vomiting
  • Tooth staining
  • Increased urination
  • Uneven heart rate
  • Confusion
  • Muscle weakness
  • Headache
  • Nausea

The above-mentioned side-effects occur rarely but can become serious. See your doctor after the onset of these side effects. Immediate attention might be required if any of these side effects occur regularly.

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Common Dosage of Livogen Z:

The dosage and duration as advised by the physician should be strictly followed. Livogen Z tablets should be swallowed whole and not broken. The course of this drug must be completed and the tablet must be taken at a fixed time.

In case of a missed dosage, you are advised to take it as soon as you remember. In case the timing of the next dosage is around, skip the missed dosage instead of taking a double dose and overdosing on the drug.

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Composition and Nature of Livogen Z:

Livogen Z tablets have three main ingredients:  Ferrous Fumarate, Folic Acid, and Zinc Sulphate. These three active ingredients help in replenishing the lack of blood.

These same ingredients are present in different quantities depending on the type of medicine. 

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How Does Livogen Z Work?

Livogen Z Tab has a vitamin-mineral complex that cures Iron deficiency and anemia during pregnancy. Now it is also being used to prevent diseases like tuberculosis and some skin diseases. The Zinc present plays a crucial role in the synthesis of nucleic acids and nucleoproteins. Zinc also helps in tissue growth and repair tissues that are damaged. Ferrous Fumarate is a compound of iron and is an important nutrient in our body. It is used to prevent and treat iron deficiency diseases. Folic Acid is a type of Vitamin B which aids the formation of DNA and in red blood cell production. It also lowers heart disease risks. It helps in avoiding birth abnormalities and results in the brain developing and working properly.

Related Warnings/Precautions – When to avoid It?

There are certain precautions that must be kept in mind while taking Livogen Z. Important points to be kept in mind are:

  • Administration of folic acid alone is incorrect for pernicious anemia and other megaloblastic anemias which are caused by vitamin B12 deficiency
  • Alcohol consumption must be avoided especially if the patient has alcoholic cirrhosis
  • Not advisable for patients with bowel problems
  • Not advisable for patients who are Breastfeeding
  • Not advisable for patients with Colitis
  • Not advisable for patients with Crohn disease
  • Not advisable for patients with Diverticulitis
  • Folic acid in doses above 0.1 mg might interfere with the diagnosis of pernicious anemia

The following general precautions must also be maintained: 

  • Certain medications react to vitamin and mineral and you must contact your physician about other medication that you are taking including herbal drugs, antibiotics, antacids, NSAIDs, diuretics etc.,
  • Care must be taken not to chew or crush the tablet
  • Check the packaging for the expiry date.
  • Check if the packaging is torn or tampered
  • Inform your doctor about existing medication and diseases
  • Keep the tablets away from children

Substitutes of Livogen Z:

Some drugs have similar ingredients such as Livogen Z and can be taken as substitutes. 

  • Haem UP-Z Tab manufactured by Cadila Pharma
  • Haem UP-C Tab manufactured by Cadila Pharma

Livogen Z Interactions with Other Drugs:

Drug interactions typically when medicines interact with food, beverages, and other medications that might make the body react in a certain way. 

Livogen Z has known conflicts with these drugs:

  • Acetaminophen
  • Albuterol
  • Alcohol
  • Ascorbic acid
  • Barbiturates
  • Cholecalciferol
  • Diphenylhydantoin
  • Heparin
  • Ichthammol
  • Iron Salts

The warnings associated with this drug are:

  • Not advisable for patients with allergic reactions
  • Not advisable for children younger than 4 months
  • Not advisable for patients with high levels of iron
  • Not advisable for patients with kidney infection
  • Not advisable for patients with severe renal impairment

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) Is it safe to drive after consuming Livogen Z Tablet?

Ans: Livogen Z can trigger drowsiness, low pressure, and headaches. Therefore it is not advisable to drive or operate heavy machinery after consuming this medicine.

2) Is it a habit-forming drug?

Ans: In India, all addictive drugs are classified under Schedule X or H. Please check the packaging to check whether Livogen Z falls under these categories.

3) How long does Livogen Z tablet take to show improvement?

Ans: The tablet takes about one week to one month to show noticeable signs of improvement. But it depends on factors like the patient, their condition, the dosage, and the duration of the course. 

4) Can you suddenly stop taking Livogen Z or do you have to slowly wean off it?

Ans: Please consult your doctor because certain medicines can cause adverse effects if they are stopped suddenly. 

5) Should take this medicine before or after food?

Ans: Livogen Z is usually consumed after food. But you are advised to ask your physician about this because they are better equipped to suggest the same depending on your condition.

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