Indigestion: Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, Prevention & Treatments

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This happens due to some other underlying health conditions like ulcers or gastric problems. The symptoms of this condition will be obvious in most cases and many people complain about uncomfortable feelings in the abdominal region during this condition. The stomach can become bloated due to gas and it can also be painful in some cases. Apart from other health conditions, it can also get triggered due to excessive consumption of alcohol and stress-related disorders. You can also get this condition when you are taking some other medication or when you are pregnant. There are many ways in which you can prevent indigestion and you need to follow a healthy lifestyle to get relief from this problem. It can also be treated easily using over-the-counter medication and by eating small meals at regular intervals.

Symptoms of Indigestion:

– Having an uncomfortable feeling in the stomach region is the most common symptom of this problem. Many people feel full even before eating the complete meal as the digestive juices produce gas in the stomach region and give this feeling.

– Some patients also experience mild to severe pain in the abdomen region when they are affected by this problem. The pain will be severe in some cases and it can last for many hours when you are not able to digest food completely.

– Due to the excessive production of digestive juices and the upward movement of the acids in the body, it is common for many people to experience heartburn. In other cases, they may also notice a burning sensation in the stomach during this phase.

– Other than that, some patients also complain about bloating of the stomach and this happens usually after eating meals. While it is normal for you to feel this for a couple of minutes after having a heavy meal, this can last for several hours when you are suffering from indigestion problems.

– Some people also feel symptoms of nausea and vomiting due to this condition. In extreme cases, people may feel dehydrated when this happens too many times in a day.

– It is rare to experience weight loss due to this problem and it only happens when this becomes too often and starts affecting your capacity to eat food normally.

– In most cases, people feel tired due to this condition as this causes uneasiness in the abdomen region and it affects your overall normal functioning of the body.

Causes of Indigestion:

– Many factors can cause indigestion and they differ a lot from different patients. In some cases, it can be eating more than what is required and this can happen when the digestive system is not very effective.

– In other cases, it can also be due to eating food very quickly. In this situation, the digestive juices will not be able to break down the food particles effectively and it leads to indigestion.

– Many patients suffer from this condition when they eat foods that are too spicy or that are too greasy. The acids in the body will not be able to digest the food properly in this situation and it will produce more acids than required to handle the food.

– You are also likely to suffer from this problem when you drink too much caffeine or alcohol. This hampers the normal functioning of the digestive system and the acid production in the body will not be regulated properly due to this situation.

– It is also proved that smoking can affect digestion in a big way as this usually damages the lining of the digestive tract and creates various complications in the long run.

– Many people also suffer due to the medication they take for other health issues. In this situation, you should always consult your doctor and choose the suitable diet that will help you to manage the situation.

– Indigestion is also triggered when you are suffering from various health conditions like ulcers and gastric problems. Patients having stomach cancer will also face this issue for a long time due to complications. In the same manner, when the intestine is having some issues with blockage or reduced flow of blood, you are likely to suffer from indigestion.

Diagnosis of Indigestion:

– The first stage of diagnosis begins with evaluating your symptoms and you will later be advised to go for other tests. The method of diagnosis also depends on your age and your existing health condition. If you are suffering from any health conditions, you may be suggested to undergo many tests to determine the cause of this problem.

– In normal cases, even thyroid problems can create indigestion in many people and a proper test will help the doctors to identify the exact cause of this problem. If you are suffering from thyroid issues, you will have to undergo suitable treatment to balance the hormones in the body.

– When the issue is suspected to be with the digestive tract, you will have to undergo an endoscopy test and even a biopsy may be done at this stage to determine the exact nature of the problem. This is usually suggested when you are suffering from indigestion on a regular basis.

– In extreme cases, even a CT scan may be recommended to check for any problems with the intestinal tract and this will give the doctors a complete idea about your overall health condition.

Prevention of Indigestion:

– The best thing you can do to avoid this condition is to eat slowly and at regular intervals. Remember that eating heavy meals can sometimes trigger this problem. Try to divide the food into small portions and eat them at regular intervals throughout the day. This will put less burden on the digestive system and you will not suffer from indigestion.

– It is also known that foods that are high in acid content can trigger indigestion in many people. You can also avoid caffeine in the same manner and instead choose other healthy drinks that will be gentle on your digestive system.

– You should avoid excessive smoking as this can cause a lot of complications and interfere with the normal working of the digestive system. In the same manner, alcohol consumption can also damage the protective lining of the stomach and cause indigestion.

– It is always a good idea to relax for some time after you had a heavy meal. Always make it a point to not work out when you are full as this will interfere with the digestion process. Similarly, do not go to sleep immediately after eating as this will reduce the ability of the body to digest food properly. You should at least give a few hours of a gap after eating food before you go to sleep.

– If you are suffering from regular indigestion due to an underlying health condition, you can get relief by elevating your pillow while sleeping. This will ensure that the digestive acids will not move upwards and cause heartburn and other complications.

– You should also discuss your problem with your doctor and make a list of foods that are known to trigger indigestion in your body. In this way, you can avoid such foods and stay away from this problem in the future.

Treatment for Indigestion:

– The most common method of treating this condition is by making suitable changes to your lifestyle and eating habits. You should always pay attention to what you eat and also maintain proper timings. This will keep your digestive system in proper order.

– Apart from that, you should also reduce the stress levels as this will trigger indigestion without any other reasons. You can also work out regularly to provide suitable strength to your body and this will increase your metabolism and boost digestion.

– If any medication is triggering this condition in your body, you need to find suitable alternatives for them. Speaking to your doctor about this will help you in many ways and you can easily get rid of this problem in a quick time.

– It is also suggested that you reduce the intake of alcohol and also stop smoking as this hampers your digestive system. It can also create other health complications in the long run and you should always cut down on this usage in the future.

– When you have this problem on a regular basis, using medication will give you good results. Many patients get temporary relief from symptoms by using antacids and other prescription medications. You can also visit your doctor to find suitable medication that will help you to get rid of these symptoms.

– Finally, you should lead an active lifestyle and eat foods that are suited for your body. You will easily understand what suits you best and you can follow them in the future to avoid this problem.


– You need to understand that indigestion by itself does not cause any major complications. In most cases, you will get relief within a couple of days when this happens due to a gastric problem or other minor issues.

– However, when this is happening due to any other existing health conditions, it may take a while before you get relief from this problem. In this situation, you will have trouble eating food and digesting it properly.

– This can lead to nausea or diarrhoea in many cases and you are likely to get tired due to this condition. The best way to treat this condition is to concentrate on the symptoms and you can treat the underlying condition at a later stage.

– You will have an uncomfortable feeling in the stomach that will affect your everyday activities. Most people suffering from this problem miss out on their regular tasks and they may not be able to attend work in a normal way.

– Apart from these things, there are no major long-term implications of this condition and you need not worry about this problem.


Myth #1: Indigestion affects only adults :

While it is true that many patients suffering from this condition are adults, it can even affect kids. However, when you compare the recurrence of this condition, it is seen that adults have more tendency to frequently encounter this problem than kids. This can also be attributed to the weakening digestive system due to old age and lifestyle problems.

Myth #2: Indigestion is always painful:

This is completely false and it need not have to be painful all the time. In most cases, it just causes some discomfort and you may experience a burning sensation. The symptoms need not persist for a long duration and most patients experience them only for a short duration of time. The symptoms will usually go away after a few hours on its own and you need not even take medication for mild problems.

Myth #3: There is no way to prevent indigestion :

you can easily prevent this problem by following the guidelines of your dietician and doctor. Always make sure that you eat in small quantities and also at regular intervals rather than eating heavy meals at once. This will give your body plenty of time to digest the food and it will not be overloaded. In this manner, it will work effectively and the digestive acids produced in the body will not create any uncomfortable symptoms.


Everyone suffers from this problem at some point or other in their lives and there is no need to worry about this condition unless it happens on a regular basis. In most cases, you will get relief as soon the underlying condition that is causing indigestion gets resolved. You can, however, use some medication to get quick relief from symptoms and this will be more than enough to treat this problem in most cases. You should focus on the ways in which you can prevent them in the future as this can come back again at any time depending on your lifestyle and eating habits. For this reason, you should always pay attention to what you eat and try to divide them between equal intervals during the day. This will give your body enough time to digest the food properly and you will not face the indigestion problem in the future. It does not cause major complications in most cases and you will be able to get treatment easily for this problem.


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