Himalaya Tentex Royal Capsule: Uses, Side Effects, Composition, Dosages & Price

Himalaya Tentex Royal Capsule: Uses, Side Effects, Composition, Dosages & Price post thumbnail image

Himalaya Tentex Royal is a medicine used for treating erectile dysfunction disorder in men. This medicine has the ability to enhance sexual performance in people who are suffering from low libido. The popular Himalaya Drug Company manufactures the Tentex Royal capsules for the patients. People can use this medicine for a long period of time to improve their sexual desire. The major causes of erectile dysfunction could be cardiovascular diseases, diabetes mellitus, endothelial dysfunction, and more. Due to these causes, people might suffer from erectile dysfunction. However, there is nothing to worry about this disorder in men as there are numerous medicines available in the market for treating this problem.

Whenever people have a deficiency in male potency then, it could lead to differences in the relationships. Moreover, it increases the stress levels in the person in their daily routine life. Himalaya, one of the leading pharmaceutical firms made the Tentex Royal capsule that can be utilized for increasing the potency in men. Some of the fundamental benefits of this capsule include improving stamina and strength in men. Usually, the health physician prescribes this medicine to the people suffering from this dysfunction based on their condition and usage. One can understand the usage and dosage of this capsule through this post. 

Uses & Benefits of Himalaya Tentex Royal:

Check out some of the abundant benefits and medicinal uses of Himalaya Tentex Royal capsule: 

  • The Tentex Royal capsule comprises of Tribulus Terrestris that has Protodioscin as the main ingredient. This ingredient has the ability to convert into Dehydroepiandrosterone within the body. It will eventually enhance the circulation of the blood towards the penile tissue and hastens the relaxation of the vascular smooth muscle. Through this process, one can easily keep an erection for a long time.
  • This capsule increases the erection and sexual desire in most of the men
  • It has the ability to enhance the sperm motility and increase in the count of sperms
  • With the increased blood flow to the penis, you can easily increase your sexual performance.
  • The Tentex Royal works as the best natural libido booster.
  • The Curculigo Orchioides ingredient generates an androgenic action that enhances the testosterone levels in the people. As a result,  it increases sexual performance in men.
  • Piper betle is another ingredient that influences the vasorelaxation through the obstruction of Nitric Oxide synthesis impeder. Through this, it improves the androgenic action.
  • The remaining ingredients in this capsule offer strength to enhance the performance and sexual satisfaction in men.
  • The anxiety levels in men can be reduced through the Crocus Sativus ingredient as it functions as an anxiolytic. With diminished anxiety, it improves the stamina levels in men. 
  • Prunus Amygdalus ingredient offers strength to the brain and works as the best nervine tonic. Thereby, it shows the best improvement in the proper functioning of psychotropic conditions.

Besides all these benefits, Tentex Royal offers numerous uses and benefits to all people. Check out the following uses of Tentex Royal listed below:

  • Increases Sexual performance
  • Cures Muscle spasm
  • Treats Diabetes and blood abnormalities
  • Lessens oxidative stress in men
  • Reduces the risk of causing cardiovascular diseases

These are some of the excellent benefits of Himalaya Tentex Royal capsule.

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Side Effects of Himalaya Tentex Royal:

As this medicine is manufactured using natural ingredients, there is no risk of causing any kind of side effects in those who use this capsule. However, consult your doctor to use the medication in a proper dosage as recommended by the physician.

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Common Dosage of Himalaya Tentex Royal:

Any individual using the Tentex Royal capsule needs to be careful about the dosage of this medicine. Usually, the doctor prescribes this medicine to patients who are suffering from low libido. Based on the prescribed dosage, the patients need to intake this medicine. In general, the health physicians suggest the patients consume 2 capsules a day before heading to bed.

In case, if you miss the dosage of the Tentex Royal capsule, there is no harm in the increase of your side effects. But, the only problem is that it might slow down the performance of erectile dysfunction in men. Don’t forget to intake the Tentex Royal medicine before bedtime or prior to having intercourse.

If the dosage of Tentex Royal capsule becomes over then, it enhances the symptoms and side effects in the patients who use this medication. Even if you consume this capsule in high dosage, it doesn’t show an instant impact on your low libido problem. Instead, you might have to confront severe side effects.

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Composition and Nature of Himalaya Tentex Royal:

The Tentex Royal capsules comprise various active ingredients as listed below:

Each tablet contains specific amounts of different ingredients such as powders, extracts, and processing elements. Vatada – Prunus Amygdalus [126 mg], Kesar i.e., Saffron – Crocus Sativus [14 mg], Kokilaksha – Asteracantha Longifolia [145 mg], and Sunishannaka – Blepharis Edulis [115 mg] are the major powders used in this tablet. Gokshura – Tribulus Terrestris [100 mg] extracts are utilized in the manufacture of this tablet. Musli – Curculigo Orchioides is also one of the actively processed ingredients in this tablet. Gokshura aka small caltrops plays a major role in improving erectile dysfunction in most people.

There are a plethora of medicinal properties integrated within this capsule. Some of them include libido booster, antioxidant, antidepressant, androgenic, promotes spermatogenesis, and more.  The package of Tentex Royal comprises a total of 10 capsules.

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How to Use Himalaya Tentex Royal?

The patients can use this medicine at least an hour prior to sleeping or one hour before making sexual intercourse. Usually, one can intake this capsule alongside warm milk or consume it with water. The adults can take a single dose of 2 capsules on a daily basis. One must use this medication for about six to twelve weeks in order to witness the best results of erectile dysfunction. To get good outcomes, the patients need to use this medicine for at least 6 weeks.

How does Himalaya Tentex Royal work?

For the proper erection, the neurotransmitters in a person play a crucial role. The blood flowing into the penis is quite necessary in order to get an effective erection. This way, the erection becomes hard and reaches the maximum size. In case, if the men don’t have an erection then, it could lead to issues in sexual intercourse. 

The ingredients present in the Tentex Royal tablet enhance the blood flow to the penis of the patient. This way, it could help in the erection.  When the blood flows into the penis in larger amounts then, it will increase the size of the penis and help in a proper erection. The men can get amazing experiences and satisfaction through the harder erections. The erections will reach the maximum size when the blood flows into the penile location.

Warnings and Precautions – When to Avoid Himalaya Tentex Royal?

Whenever the doctor prescribes the Himalaya Tentex Royal capsule for people who are suffering from ED, you need to discuss all your current medications with the doctor. Based on your present list of medications, the physician will try to evaluate all the potential risks and prescribe the proper counter medications. If you intake the medicines for some other diseases alongside the Tentex capsule then, it might show drug interactions. To avoid that, you need to explain all your medications to the doctor. As this medication is purely intended for men, there is no harm to the women even if they are pregnant or breastfeeding. 

Substitutes for Himalaya Tentex Royal:

There are numerous alternatives to the Himalaya Tentex Royal capsule that treats erectile dysfunction disorder in men. Some of the substitutes to the Tentex Royal tablet have been listed below:

  • AP Special
  • A.M.P.M.
  • A To Z Ns
  • Himalaya Immusante
  • 2 Flora
  • 777
  • 4 Blud
  • A11 Eczema
  • A08 Diabetes
  • Abez
  • Abdifer
  • Abetus D
  • Acnocid
  • Acoclox
  • Baidyanath Asava
  • Baksons Diab Aid

Himalaya Tentex Royal Interactions:

Usually, interactions with other medicines might come into the picture if you use the medications for the different diseases at the same time. Due to that, it might show an impact on the working procedure of the Tentex Royal tablet. There are no studies regarding the drug interactions, food interactions, and other medicinal interactions with the Tentex Royal capsule.

This medicine must be stored away from the sunlight. Don’t keep this medicine near the kids or pet animals.


Check out some of the commonly asked questions related to the Himalaya Tentex Royal capsule:

1) What is the cost of Himalaya Tentex Royal Capsule?

Ans: The cost of this capsule is Rs. 120 per 10 capsules.

2) What are the significant features of Tentex Royal?

Ans: The Tentex Royal capsule works in an identical manner to Viagra. This medication is not recommended for those who are below 18 years of age. Men only use this product.

3) How to Intake the Tentex Royal Capsule?

Ans: The patients can consume this medicine prior to sexual intercourse. 

4) How much time does it take for the medication to show its impact?

Ans: Usually, men need to use this medicine before bedtime. It takes at least 30 minutes to begin its functionality on the individual.

5) Are there any disadvantages of Tentex Royal Capsule?

Ans: We may not find any kind of disadvantages of this capsule. It’s because all the ingredients present in this medicine are completely natural.

6) Is it safe to use Tentex Royal and Confido simultaneously for Erectile Dysfunction?

Ans: Yes, one can use the Confido and Tentex Royal capsules at the same time. However, both medicines can be used for treating erectile dysfunction and low libido in men.

7) Can I Intake the Tentex Royal Capsule before food or after food?

Ans: Usually, the doctors suggest the patients consume this medicine only after food before bedtime or before intercourse.

8) Can I Operate Heavy Machinery while using this medicine?

Ans: No, it is not recommended to drive a vehicle or operate some heavy machinery after using this medicine. As this medicine increases the blood flow to the penis in men, one may not do any physical work. Instead, they need to prepare for sexual intercourse at least 30 minutes from the consumption of this capsule. That’s the reason the doctors prescribe the patients use this tablet only before bedtime.

9) Will this medication become addictive?

Ans: No, this medicine doesn’t become an addiction to the patients. There is a certain time limit for the usage of this medicine. Usually, the patients need to take this medication for about 6 weeks for the proper functioning of erectile dysfunction.

10) Is there any harm in stopping the usage of this capsule suddenly?

Ans: Try to consult your doctor before stopping the consumption of the Himalaya Tentex Royal capsule.

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