Cosvate GM Cream: Uses, Side Effects, Dosages & Price

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Cosvate GM cream aids in treating a variety of skin diseases and other bacterial infections. If you come across any of the symptoms then, you can use this Cosvate GM cream only after the proper prescription by the health physician. It is a powerful corticosteroid that has a high potency. The active ingredients present in this cream have the power to diminish the chemical actions that cause inflammations within the body. This medicine has the ability to treat various skin diseases that include dermatitis, skin rashes, allergic conditions, eczema, and more. It also cures some other auto-immune diseases that include lichen sclerosis, alopecia areata, vitiligo, and more. Usually, the Cosvate GM is available in different forms that include cream, ointment, shampoo, mousse, and more.

People who have been suffering from various skin diseases might confront some complicated symptoms like skin inflammation and itching sensation. If you want to get rid of such diseases then, try to use Cosvate GM cream. It is not recommended for the patients to use this cream without a proper prescription by the doctor. If you don’t use this medicine sans any prescription then, it might cause various skin infections. In this post, you can find the complete information related to Cosvate GM cream such as the side effects, benefits, alternatives, and more. There are some active ingredients of Cosvate GM cream that play an active role in the reduction of various skin infections and inflammations.

Composition and Nature of Cosvate GM:

In Cosvate GM cream, the manufacturers make use of a variety of active ingredients. Some of the active ingredients used in Cosvate GM cream include 0.05 % of Clobetasol Topical, 0.1% of Gentamicin Topical, and 2% of Miconazole Topical. By activating the proteins present within these active ingredients, this cream shows its impact on skin infections.

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Uses & Benefits of Cosvate GM:

One can make use of the Cosvate GM cream for treating, controlling, and preventing various disease conditions and symptoms that include the following:

  • The patients can use this cream to treat Dermatitis skin disease that usually causes skin rashes, itching sensation and skin redness in the patient. This cream has the ability to treat all the aforementioned symptoms.
  • This medicine also cures Psoriasis which is a disease that shows some symptoms that include skin redness, patches on the skin that causes an itchy sensation and silvery scales.
  • Cosvate GM cream also treats Lichen Planus disease that usually shows the symptoms in the patients such as purple colored bumps that causes an itchy sensation.
  • Helps in curing various inflammatory skin diseases
  • Lessens the symptoms of Tinea Corporis
  • Cures the mild bacterial skin inflammations
  • Reduces itching sensation, dryness, redness and skin swelling in the patients
  • Treats the skin diseases that include Folliculitis, Paronychia, Tin-ea Versicolor, Jock Itch and more
  • This medicine primarily cures Pneumonia and fungal infections.
  • Treats the symptoms such as swelling of eyes, skin burns, endo-carditis and more
  • It might have the ability to cure ringworm, vaginal infections, ear infections and a lot more.

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Side Effects of Cosvate GM:

People who suffer from skin infections can use Cosvate GM cream. If you use this cream on a daily basis, it has the ability to cure skin diseases. It might cause some additional side effects in the patients who use this cream. Not all people confront the side effects after using this medicine. There are just a limited number of cases that experience the side effects. Here are some of the major and minor side effects of Cosvate GM cream as listed below.

  • Scars on the skin
  • The skin might turn dry
  • The skin turns thin
  • It might cause degradation of the bones
  • High blood pressure
  • The Glucose levels in the blood might also increase a lot
  • Cataract and other eye infections
  • Loss of hair
  • Ear infections
  • Fatigue
  • Mouth becomes dry 
  • Cough increases
  • Anemia
  • Vomiting sensation
  • A headache
  • Skin Rashes
  • Diarrhea
  • Redness of the skin
  • You might observe some changes in the behavior of the individual
  • Witnesses imbalance in the electrolytes present in the body
  • Experiences muscle disorders
  • Burning and Itching sensation
  • Increased allergic reactions
  • Mouth inflammation

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Common Dosage of Cosvate GM:

The dosage for the Cosvate GM cream depends on the age and the health condition of the patient. As this is a topical cream, one can apply this cream to the affected area. In some cases, if you miss the dosage in your day then, you need to apply it whenever you remember about the missed dosage. Try to apply this cream to the affected location at least 2 times a day. Even if you miss the dosage, there is no problem. However, your skin infection might take much more time than usual to cure. In case, if the dosage becomes over, you might have to come across some unusual side effects of this medicine. 

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How to Use Cosvate GM cream?

The Cosvate GM cream is used only for external purposes. One can use this cream as per the dosage and the duration prescribed by the doctor. The patients need to check out the label present on the cream before using it. One must and should clean and dry the affected location and then try to apply the cream. The patients must wash their hands before and after applying the medicine to the affected area.

Contradictions of This Cream:

If you are suffering from some of the diseases apart from skin inflammations then, you should use this medicine only after the prescription by the doctor. Check out some of the contradictions to the Cosvate GM cream as listed below:

  • Diabetes
  • Pain in the Abdomen
  • Increased Cholesterol
  • Kidney and Liver diseases
  • Dehydration problem
  • Other bacterial infections
  • Gastritis
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Allergic conditions

How does it work?

The Cosvate GM works by stimulating the Phospholipase A2 proteins. It has the ability to evade protein synthesis. This, in turn, activates the development and reproduction of the bacteria and generates the antifungal effect. In fact, Cosvate GM is a blend of three different medicines that include Miconazole, Clobetasol, and Gentamicin. These active ingredients aid in treating the skin infections of the patients. Clobetasol is a steroid ingredient that has the ability to hinder specific chemical messengers that turn the skin reddish and increase the itchy sensation. 

Apart from this, it also cures the skin condition and offers relief from the symptoms on a temporary basis. Gentamicin is an antibiotic medicine that has the ability to kill bacteria by blocking the synthesis of specific proteins necessary for the bacteria to perform crucial functionalities. Miconazole is another antifungal medicine that stops the development of fungi by evading them from producing their own defensive shield.

Warnings and Precautions – When to Avoid Cosvate GM?

Before using the Cosvate GM cream, one must be careful about the related warnings. Here are some of the precautions and related warnings to the Cosvate GM cream:

  • It is not safe to use the Cosvate GM Cream at the time of preg-nancy. One might witness some jeopardy to their fetus. However, you need to consult your doctor before using Cosvate GM cream on the affected area.
  • It is not so dangerous to use Cosvate GM cream while breastfeed-ing. There is no information that this drug might show some risk to the kid.
  • There are no related details whether this medicine shows the im-pact on the functionalities of your kidney and liver.
  • One should not swallow this medicine as it is a topical medicine.
  • The patients should wash their hands before and after using this cream.
  • Try to apply this cream as a thin layer on the affected area.
  • Clean and dry the affected location before using this medicine.
  • Keep this cream away from your kids and pet animals.

Substitutes for Cosvate GM:

Here are some of the best alternative medicines to the Cosvate GM Cream listed below:

  • C Besta 0.05% Cream [Manufactured by Unichem Laboratories Limited]
  • Clobetagen 0.05% Cream [Manufactured by Alkem Laboratories Limited]
  • Clobetamil 0.05% Cream [Manufactured by Merck Consumer Healthcare Limited]
  • Clostar 0.05% Cream [Manufactured by Mankind Pharmaceuticals Limited]
  • Cortaz 0.05% Cream [Manufactured by Torrent Pharmaceuticals Limited]
  • Labosol gm Cream 20 gm Cream [Manufactured by Laborate Pharmaceuticals India Limited]
  • Closkin gm Cream 10 gm Cream [Manufactured by Lancer Health Care Pvt Limited]
  • Lozee gm Cream 15 gm Cream [Manufactured by Apex Laborato-ries Pvt Limited]
  • Dermac gm Cream 15 gm Cream  [Manufactured by Que Pharma Pvt Limited]
  • Zinclovil Cream 15 gm Cream [Manufactured by Vilco Laboratories Pvt Limited]
  • Soltec gm Cream 10 gm Cream [Manufactured by Technopharm Pvt Limited]

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Cosvate GM Interactions with Other Drugs:

Whenever you use the medications for some other diseases then, it becomes an interaction with this medication. In such a case, it might show the massive impact on the skin condition of the patients. The patients must and should consult their doctor before using this medicine. It is also necessary to tell your doctor about the current list of medications.

  • It is not at all dangerous even if you consume food and alcohol after using this cream. You may not face any interactions of Cosvate Gm cream with food and alcohol. 
  • There are no disease interactions with this medicine. 
  • There are some drug interactions with the Cosvate Gm cream. Some of the anti-diabetic medicines might enhance the glucose levels in the blood of the patients suffering from diabetes. The interaction might depend on the quantity of medicine applied to the affected area.


1) Can I Use this cream while breastfeeding?

Ans: There is no danger even if you use the Cosvate GM cream at the time of breastfeeding.

2) What happens when I miss the dosage of Cosvate GM cream?

Ans: Even if you miss the dosage of this cream, you can try to apply it whenever you remember about it. There is no danger even if you miss the dosage.

3) Can I Drive a Vehicle after applying Cosvate GM?

Ans: Yes, you can drive a vehicle or operate some heavy machinery after applying this cream to the affected area. You may not feel dizzy or sleepy once you apply it to your skin. 

4) Will this cream becomes an addiction?

Ans: No, the Cosvate GM cream doesn’t become an addiction even after using it on a regular basis.

5) Is this cream able to cure mental disorders?

Ans: No, this cream is intended only for treating skin-related diseases.

6) What is the duration of the effect of Cosvate GM?

Ans: There is no information about the time duration that this medicine takes for showing its impact on the individual.

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