Cital Syrup: Uses, Side Effects, Dosages & Price

Cital Syrup: Uses, Side Effects, Dosages  & Price post thumbnail image

Cital Syrup is used for the treatment and prevention of kidney stones, urinary infection, burning micturition, and kidney stones formed due to uric acid. It also helps with the alkalinization of urine and the treatment of uremic acidosis that follows diarrhea. 

Composition and Nature of Cital Syrup:

The Cital Syrup contains Di Sodium Hydrogen Citrate (1.37 gm/5 ml) as an active ingredient. Di Sodium Hydrogen Citrate is a urine alkalizer. It has general uses in the treatment of gout and kidney stones. 

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Uses & Benefits of Cital Syrup:

The syrup is generally recommended as a treatment for gout and kidney stones. The syrup may as well be used for the treatment of urinary tract infection, alkalinisation of urine and uremic acidosis. It effectively treats renal tubular acidosis and burning micturition. The syrup also finds its way as an adjuvant treatment to sulphonamide therapy. There are varied uses to the medicine and it may be used for other purposes than what is already mentioned here. Talk to your physician clearly about your condition before you start using this medicine. Usage of this medicine without a proper prescription from a specialist is not recommended as it could be hazardous to health.

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Side Effects of Cital Syrup:

Like every other medicine, Cital Syrup also has some common side effect that may show up during the course of the medicine. These side effects include stomach cramps, anxiety, diarrhea, flatulence, diuresis, tiredness and mood swings. There may be a deficiency of potassium in blood throughout the course of the medicine as well. Taking the medicine for a longer period may also result in gastrointestinal ulceration. There may be other side effects as well depending on the medical history of the individual, parallel medications and his present medical condition. Disclose all your pre-existing diseases, your current medications, if any as well as discuss your medical condition elaborately with your doctor before you start using this medicine so as to avoid an interaction that may fall back on your health. Talk to your specialist without a delay if you experience any discomforting side effects. Prolonged usage of the medicine without drawing medical attention towards the side effects may cause the side effects to appear more prominently and could be irreversible or cause you more harm than good. 

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Common Dosage of Cital Syrup:

Use as prescribed by the physician. Do not take the medicine more than the prescribed dosage as it involves the risk of overdosing which would lead to unwanted effects on your health. Take the medicine immediately after a meal with water or fruit juice to avoid an upset stomach. 

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How Does Cital Syrup work?

The active ingredient in Cital liquid, Di-Sodium Hydrogen Citrate, is a urine alkalizer. It increases the pH of urine and makes it more acidic to our benefit. Increased pH of urine would result in the excretion of excess uric acid from the body and thus, prevent the formation of kidney stones and gout. Swallow the medicine in one go. Do not chew the medicine. 

Warnings and Precautions – When to Avoid Cital?

Firstly, refrain from using this medicine if you are allergic to its ingredients. Also, do not take the medicine in case you suffer from hypersensitivity or have a medical history reflecting chronic liver or kidney diseases, high blood potassium levels, congestive heart failure or in case of dehydration. Taking the medicine in spite of kidney or liver diseases will lead to the build of the drug in their bodies and thus, lead to a harmful effect on their health. Pregnant women must avoid the usage of this medicine unless the medical benefits overweigh the risks. In that case, the usage of medicine must be under strict medical supervision. One must avoid smoking or consumption of alcohol during the course of the medicine. Talk to your specialist immediately without delay if you have difficulty in breathing after taking this medicine or have low calcium levels, high blood pressure or heart problems. Patients with severe bacterial infections must avoid taking this medicine. 

Check the expiry date before you buy a strip of the medicine. Store the medicine in a cool, dry place away from excess heat and sunlight. 

Substitutes for Cital Syrup:

The substitutes for this medicine include: 

  • Alkarate Syrup
  • Alkadip Oral Liquid
  • Oricitral Syrup Lemon
  • Alkamed Syrup
  • Alkal Syrup
  • Siocitrate Oral Solution
  • Citraglow 1.37gm/5ml Suspension
  • Citrahil Syrup
  • Citoage Syrup
  • Citos Syrup
  • Alkasit 1.37gm/5ml syrup
  • Glotrol Syrup
  • Uridor Syrup
  • Alkel Syrup
  • Hitflo Syrup

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Cital Syrup Interactions with Other Drugs:

The medicine is proven to have interactions with the following drugs which in turn cause a harmful effect on the individual’s health:  

  • Acenocoumarol/ Nicoumalone
  • Phenindione
  • Warfarin
  • Theophylline


1) I missed a dosage of Cital Syrup, what should I do? 

Ans: There is not much harm in missing a single dosage of Cital syrup unless you are missing your dosages on a regular basis. If you have missed a dosage of cital syrup is to take it as soon as you are reminded of it. In case the time for the next dosage is close, you may skip the initial dosage and avoid the risk of overdosing.

2) I overdosed on Cital Syrup, what do I do? 

Ans: Overdosing on the medicine may have harmful effects on the patient’s health. If you experience a symptom of overdosing such as drowsiness, vomiting, headache, blurred vision, etc. talk to your physician immediately without a delay and ask for a remedy. Go to your nearby hospital or nursing home if the need is, approach a specialist and describe your condition to him asking for a remedy.

3) Can I drive or operate heavy machinery after dosing on Cital Syrup? 

Ans: Cital Syrup may have a temporary sedative effect. The individual may experience drowsiness, blurred vision, and sleepiness after dosing on the medicine. Thus, driving or operating any heavy machinery immediately after dosing on the medicine is not recommended.

4) Is Cital Syrup addictive?

Ans: No, Cital Syrup is not addictive. Schedule H and X accounts for addictive medicine in India and Cital syrup is not categorized under the list of addictive medicines. Read the package carefully to know more about the same. 

5) Is Cital Syrup safe for daily usage? 

Ans: Yes, Cital Syrup is medically proven safe for daily usage.

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