Candid Mouth Paint: Uses, Side Effects, Dosage & Price

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Candid Mouth Paint is very effective in the treatment of various skin infections and provides relief from symptoms like cracks, itching, and burning problems. It can also be prescribed in many cases to treat oral infections. It is an antifungal medicine that is usually available in the form of ointment and you can easily get them in medical stores after getting a prescription from your doctor.
The ointment is manufactured by Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd and many doctors prescribe this to treat various skin infections caused due to fungus and yeast. In most cases, infections occur due to the overgrowth of bacteria in one particular place. This medication attacks such affected areas and leads to leakage of the bacteria from that place thereby killing the bacteria.

Uses & Benifits of Candid Mouth Paint: 

The medication can be prescribed by your doctor to treat various skin infections caused by fungus and yeast in different parts of the body. It is always supposed to be used as an external application and you should not consume the ointment to get relief from the problem. It has to be applied in the prescribed quantity on the affected area to treat the infections.
•    Oral infections can be caused by Candida Albicans and this can be very painful and lead to mouth ulcers and other problems. This ointment is very effective in treating oral thrush symptoms and you can use it regularly to get quick relief from such symptoms.
•    Fungal infections can affect any part of the body which is susceptible to the growth of such fungus and you can usually find them in the inner thigh region. For this reason, many doctors prescribe Candid Mouth Paint for treating jock itch and yeast infections of the vagina.
•    You can also use this to treat athlete’s foot symptoms as per the instructions of your doctor.
•    Sometimes, vaginal infections can also be caused by Candida albicans and you can use this ointment to treat such infections.
Apart from the ones mentioned above, your doctor may prescribe this medication along with other drugs to treat various other skin problems. It depends on the type of infection that affected the body and other factors like the overall health condition of the patient and the age of the patient.

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Side Effects of Candid Mouth Paint:

Along with having various beneficial effects, this medication may also come with some unwanted side effects. The intensity of the side effects is usually mild and it will usually subside after you stop using the ointment. However, in some cases, it may be very severe and you may have to stop using the medication altogether or seek another substitute to treat your condition.
•    Some people complain about pain in the abdominal region when they are using this medication. This can sometimes lead to complications like nausea and vomiting even though such symptoms are very rare.
•    It can lead to skin rashes when used as an external application and there is no need to worry too much about this condition unless the rashes become too severe.
•    It can also cause redness of the skin and you should be careful about using it in the appropriate dosage as mentioned by your doctor. Any sort of overdose can cause severe symptoms and lead to other skin problems.
•    You should be very careful when you are using this to treat the vaginal infection as there is a chance of vaginal bleeding in rare cases. If this happens, you should immediately stop using the medication and seek proper treatment from your doctor.
•    In the same manner, you may notice some skin rashes when the ointment is used to treat jock’s itch condition.
Apart from these side effects, some patients may also experience other effects and it all depends on the overall health condition of the person and the sensitivity to such medication. You should immediately get in touch with your doctor when the side effects are severe and get suitable suggestions to handle the situation.

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Common Dosage of Candid Mouth Paint: 

The dosage in most cases depends on the intensity of the problem and you need to consult your doctor in this regard. Make sure not to miss any doses as this will spoil the effectiveness of the medication in the long run. In most cases, using the medication once a day will be enough to treat mild symptoms. However, in extreme cases, you may have to use it thrice a day to get relief from the problem. You should be very careful about the dosage especially during pregnancy as overdose can cause some side effects at this stage. While the risk of overdose is less with the topical application of the medication, you should be careful when you are using this as an oral medication. In this situation, any sort of overdose can cause some problems. The dosage instructions will also change depending on the age factor and your doctor may not prescribe the same dosage while treating children for various problems.

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Composition and Nature Candid Mouth Paint:

The medication contains Clotrimazole as the active ingredient and you can effectively use this to treat fungal as well as yeast infections. It can also be used orally while treating mouth ulcers and other oral infections. The ointment is available in different strengths and you need to check with your doctor regarding the right dosage to meet your health needs.

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How to use Candid Mouth Paint?

You can use Candid Mouth Paint as a topical application unless your doctor has allowed you to use it as an oral medication. Make sure to gently clean the affected area and wipe it dry before you use the medication. After this, you can apply the medication to the affected area and leave it for some time. Avoid using a bandage on the affected area after using the medication as this can cause some complications. Unless you have specific instructions from your doctor in this regard, it is always better to keep the affected area open so that it can heal faster without any complications.

How does it work?

The medication works by diluting the affected area that contains the buildup of fungus and bacteria. It mixes with the bacteria and eventually causes the death of such bacteria. You can effectively use this to treat fungus and yeast infections wherein the buildup of bacteria in some regions causes skin infections. Along with that, it also hampers the production of ergosterol in the body that is essential for the growth of fungus in the body. In this way, it can reduce the intensity of fungal infection immediately and provide complete relief in the long run.

Precautions and Warning – When to avoid It?

The medication should always be used as an external application unless recommended by your doctor to treat oral infections. Even in the case of treating oral thrush, you should use it in very little quantity so that the chances of the medication getting inside the body is less in this way.
When used as a topical ointment, make sure not to cover the affected area with a bandage unless specifically instructed by your doctor. Covering the affected area will result in the growth of more bacteria in some cases and delay the healing process.
You should avoid using the ointment during pregnancy especially after the first trimester. Make sure to get in touch with your doctor in this situation and they will assess the situation and prescribe the suitable medication for your condition.
Even though there are no complications associated with breastfeeding, you should avoid them as much as possible and try to treat the condition using natural remedies. Only when your doctor has prescribed the medication in this situation, you can use it without any problems.

Substitutes for Candid Mouth Paint:

In some cases, you may not find Candid Mouth Paint in your neighborhood. In this situation, you need not to worry as there are many substitutes available in the market that have the same composition. In this way, you can expect the same result without any hassles. However, you should always consult your doctor whenever you are choosing such substitutes and get their approval before using them to treat your problem.
•    Orasep OT Mouth Paint 15ml by Elan Pharma India Pvt Ltd.
•    Clotrin Mouth Paint 15ml by NuLife Pharmaceuticals
•    Nuforce Mouth Paint 15ml by Mankind Pharma Ltd.
•    Kansel Mouth Paint 20ml by Palsons Derma
•    Mycocid Mouth Paint 15ml by Intermed Pharma Pvt Ltd.
•    Canfree Mouth Paint 15ml by Chem + Med Pharmaceuticals
•    Oldid Mouth Paint 15ml by Luxica Pharma Inc.
•    Myconorm Mouth Paint 15ml by Psychotropics India Ltd.
•    Travoral Mouth Paint by Dabur India Ltd.
It is very important to note at this stage that the dosage may change slightly depending on the strength of the medication. The substitutes you get from the market may have different strengths and it is essential to change the dosage as per the strength. Your doctor will make a suitable modification in this regard and you can use it as per the altered dosage instructions.

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Candid Mouth Paint Interactions with Other Drugs:

The medication can have mild to major interactions with certain drugs and you should avoid using them in combination as they can cause major side effects. You can avoid the below-mentioned drugs while using Candid Mouth Paint ointment.
•    Diazepam
•    Acarbose
•    Tramadol
•    Atropine
•    Amlodipine
In the same manner, this medication can have interaction with alcohol and you should avoid using alcohol while applying this ointment. It can cause drowsiness and other side effects.
You should use the medication with caution when you are suffering from diabetes as it can alter the blood glucose levels in rare cases.
Similarly, using this medication is avoided when patients are suffering from dementia, tardive dyskinesia, and other problems with the nervous system.


1. Is this medication safe for kids?

Ans: Your doctor will be the best person to answer this question and you should consult them whenever your child is suffering from skin infections. After carefully analyzing the conditions, your doctor may prescribe the medication based on the age of the kid and other factors.

2. Can this ointment be used to treat skin infections during pregnancy?

Ans: In general, it is recommended to avoid this ointment during pregnancy as it can have some side effects. However, some doctors may prescribe this if the pregnancy is still in the initial stages within the first trimester. You should also avoid this while breastfeeding unless your doctor has prescribed this to treat skin problems in this situation.

3. Is this habit forming?

Ans: There are no habit-forming tendencies associated with this medication and you can continue to use this for as long as prescribed by your doctor. You can stop this once your problem is treated and there are no withdrawal symptoms associated with this medication.

4. Do I need a prescription to buy this medication?

Ans: You will need a prescription to buy this medication from the market. In some cases, you may get them without a prescription at the local medical stores. But you should avoid using it on your own without consulting your doctor as it may lead to some undesired results.

5. Can this ointment be used orally?

Ans: In most cases, this is used only as an external application to treat skin infections. However, in the case of oral thrush, your doctor may prescribe this medication and you can use this in moderate quantity. Even in this situation, it is not a good idea to swallow the medication.

6. Can it be used to treat vaginal infections?

Ans: It can safely be used to treat such problems and it is very effective in controlling the yeast infections associated with such problems. However, in rare cases, it may cause vaginal bleeding and you have to be very careful about this side effect. Immediately get in touch with your doctor in such a case and get proper treatment at the right time to avoid further complications.

7. Is it safe to use this to treat jock’s itch?

Ans: Men can easily use this ointment to get relief from various symptoms associated with itching in the inner thigh region. It reduces the growth of fungus in the inner thigh region and treats the condition effectively in quick time.

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