Calcium Sandoz: Uses, Side Effects, Dosage & Price

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Usually, the Calcium Sandoz tablet comprises salts of calcium utilized in a slew of conditions. If there is insufficient calcium in your diet then, you definitely require Calcium supplements. It acts as the best supplement in filling the deficit amounts of calcium in your body. It is available in different forms. One is in the form of a tablet and the other is in the form of injections. Calcium has a significant role in the formation of powerful bones and teeth. This tablet is also available in the form of syrup and film-coated. If you take this medication as a tablet through the mouth then, it cures osteoporosis, decreased blood calcium, and other conditions. 

In case, you take Calcium Sandoz in the form of injection then, it directly enters your vein and treats your blood calcium deficiency. The lack of calcium in the body might lead to muscle spasms and an increase in blood potassium. This tablet helps in the best way of maintaining bone health in an individual. Besides the treatment for bone health, Calcium Sandoz also enhances the functionality of the muscle and maintains the mineral levels in the blood. We can usually find calcium amounts in vegetables, cereals, and other dairy products. 

Plenty of health problems such as Osteoporosis and Osteopenia can be treated with the help of Calcium Sandoz medication. Some of the best sources of calcium minerals include nuts, milk, spinach, and more. In general, doctors prescribe calcium supplements to patients whenever their body lacks calcium minerals. Novartis India Limited manufactures Calcium Sandoz in a variety of forms. This medicine was developed in the year 1929.

Composition and Nature of Calcium Sandoz: 

Calcium Carbonate is the active ingredient present in the Calcium Sandoz tablet. This tablet comprises the salts such as Calcium Glubionate and Calcium Lactobionate. 

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Uses And Benefits of Calcium Sandoz:  

There are abundant benefits of using the Calcium Sandoz tablet. This medicine is used in treating, maintaining, and preventing various disease conditions. Some of the uses of Calcium Sandoz have been listed below:
•    The requirement of Calcium supplements increases than usual during childhood and in old age. This supplement’s requirement increases whenever a woman is pregnant or breastfeeding.
•    For treating the calcium deficiency
•    When you are suffering from heart attacks
•    Clotting of blood
•    For curing Muscle Pain
•    In order to treat Rickets
•    Osteoporosis
•    For treating decreased blood calcium levels in the newly born babies 
•    Bone deterioration
•    Heartburn
•    Treats whenever the stomach is upset
•    For treating acid indigestion
These are some of the amazing uses of Calcium Sandoz medication that can be used in different age groups. Besides the aforementioned list, there is a number of uses of the Calcium Sandoz tablet.

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Side Effects of Calcium Sandoz:

Whenever there are benefits of medicine there will be definitely some side effects and disadvantages of the medicine as well. Likewise, the Calcium Sandoz tablet causes some side effects to those who intake this medicine on a regular basis. It is not mandatory that these side effects will definitely cause in all the people. However, these are just the potential side effects that might sometimes be severe or sometimes they could be less severe. Check out the side effects listed below:
•    Sensation of tingling
•    Diarrhea
•    Confused state
•    Enhanced hunger
•    Gastric problem
•    The mouth becomes completely dry
•    Vomiting
•    Nausea
•    Constipation
•    A headache
•    Biliousness
•    Cephalalgia
•    Surplus gas formation in the stomach and intestines
•    Indigestion problem
If any of the symptoms increases then, you must consult a doctor as soon as possible. However, none of the side effects could lead to death. But, there might be some discomfort in those who are suffering from any of the above-given side effects. 

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Common Dosage of Calcium Sandoz:

In general, doctors prescribe the dosage of Calcium Sandoz tablet based on the age and condition of the patient. The time period and frequency to intake this medicine will solely depend on the patient’s condition. Usually, the doctor will prescribe to take this medication alongside food or soon after the consumption of food. The effect of this medicine will begin in just five to ten minutes after consuming it.
If you miss the dosage of Calcium Sandoz in a day then, you can take it soon after remembering about it. If the time you remembered about the dose is nearer to the time for your subsequent dose then, it is better to simply skip the missed dosage. Try to take the medicine on your next schedule without fail. Don’t try to consume an additional dosage of the tablet even if you miss a single dose. Then, it could lead to some other symptoms in the patient. Try to consult your doctor if you have any health issues after missing the dosage.
The dosage should not become over that might lead to additional side effects in the patient. Even if you intake the medication in overdosage, it doesn’t treat your disease pretty soon. Moreover, your side effects might become severe and lead to the poisonous stage. Keep the medicine box handy so that you can take precise medication whenever you feel some sort of discomfort in your health condition.

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How to Use It?    

The health physician will explain the usage of the Calcium Sandoz tablet based on your condition. However, one must intake this medication soon after consuming their food. 
How it Works    
Calcium is a mineral that is very important for every individual’s body. It helps in carrying out various body functions and strengthens the bones in the human body. This medicine is quite crucial for the proper functioning of nerves, muscles, and the heart. Calcium Sandoz medicine will be helpful in the functioning of specific hormones in your body. It enhances the blood calcium levels in the body. The main functionality of the Calcium Sandoz tablet is that it works as the best dietary supplement to offer sufficient amounts of calcium minerals to the body. This medicine has the ability to handle the release and storage of hormones and other neurotransmitters.

Warnings/Precautions: When to avoid this medicine?

People need to follow some precautions prior to consuming Calcium Sandoz medicine. Here are some of the precautions and related warnings about the calcium supplement listed below:
•    The patients need to inform their doctor regarding the list of medicines that they intake currently. You need to discuss your surgeries, health condition, and other allergic conditions.
•    One must consume this medicine as per the prescription is given by the doctor. 
•    Never intake this medication if the date is expired
•    Don’t store this medicine near to the kids and pet animals.
•    One should store the Calcium Sandoz medicine at room temperature and don’t expose the medicine to direct sunlight.
These are some of the precautions or warnings that every patient must follow who intakes Calcium Sandoz medicine.

Calcium Sandoz Substitutes:    

Here are some of the major substitutes for this medicine that are listed below:
•    Adcal
•    Cacti
•    Calcichew
•    Calcichew forte
•    Calcium 500
•    Sandoval
The below-listed substitutes comprise various calcium salts that are quite essential for every human body.

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Calcium Sandoz Interactions:    

If the substance or the drug that you intake shows some impact on the Calcium Sandoz medicine then, it is known as interaction. There might be jeopardy that the drug you intake as a calcium supplement may not work correctly. In some cases, the side effects of an individual might be increased. Some of the drug interactions and food interactions to this medicine are listed below:
•    Sodium polystyrene sulfonate
•    Potassium phosphate
•    Levofloxacin
•    Doxycycline
•    Digoxin
•    Ciprofloxacin
•    Calcium acetate
•    Alendronate
•    Bisphosphonates eg, etidronate
•    Digoxin or other cardiac glycosides
•    Eltrombopag
•    Iron supplements such as ferrous sulfate.
•    Levothyroxine
•    Sodium fluoride
•    Strontium ranelate
•    Zinc
In some cases, the food that we intake might become an interaction with this medicine. It is necessary to consult a health physician about food interaction.
Contradictions to Calcium Sandoz
People who are suffering from the below-listed diseases should not intake the Calcium Sandoz medicine as they might become contradictions to the medicine. It means that the power and impact of this medicine won’t long last due to the contradictions.
Hypersensitivity becomes a great contradiction to the Calcium Sandoz tablet. We have listed some of the serious health conditions that become a contradiction to the Calcium Sandoz tablet:
•    The immense loss of water from the body
•    The surplus amount of blood calcium
•    Kidney Stones
•    Kidney Diseases
•    Liver Disease
•    Tumors within the bones
•    Abnormal Bowel movements
•    Enhanced parathyroid gland functionality
•    Poisoning of Vitamin D
•    Allergic conditions to the Calcium related supplements
•    Sarcoidosis
•    People suffering from rare hereditary issues


1. Can I Drive a Vehicle after consuming Calcium Sandoz?

Ans: It is not truly known whether the Calcium Sandoz tablet shows some impact on an individual while driving. One might experience some side effects when consumed at the time of driving a vehicle. People might experience drowsiness and they may not be able to focus on driving.

2. Is it Safe to Use this tablet during Pregnancy?

Ans: It might be not completely safe to use the Calcium Sandoz tablet at the time of pregnancy. There are some studies that the intake of this medicine has shown an adverse impact on the fetus. There might be some risk whenever pregnant women use this medicine. However, it is advisable to consult a doctor before using this medicine during pregnancy.

3. Can I Intake this medicine while breastfeeding?

Ans: There is no risk in using the Calcium Sandoz tablet at the time of breastfeeding. The drug doesn’t flow through the breast milk and doesn’t cause any toxicity to the kid. However, the dosage should not be increased as it might show an adverse effect on the child.

4. Can anyone having Kidney Disease Consume this medicine?

Ans: People who are suffering from kidney disease should not intake Calcium Sandoz medicine. However, you can contact your doctor and explain your problem.

5. Is it Safe to Use this medicine if you have Liver Disease?

Ans: The liver disease might be increased in those who often intake alcohol in huge amounts. It is safe to intake Calcium Sandoz tablets even if the patient suffers from liver disease. Contact your doctor about the dosage of this medicine.

6. Can I Consume Alcohol after using Calcium Sandoz Tablet?

Ans: There is no proper information about whether it is safe to use alcohol with Calcium Sandoz medicine.

7. Is this Medicine Addictive?

Ans: No, it doesn’t become an addiction even after consuming it on a frequent basis.

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