Althrocin 250 MG Tablet: Uses, Side Effects, Dosages & Price

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Althrocin 250 mg tablet is a medicine that aids in curing various bacterial infections and other health conditions in an individual. This medicine helps in treating a wide range of infections that are usually caused to the nose, skin, ears, tonsils, soft tissues, lungs, and other parts of the body. In this medicine, Erythromycin acts as an active ingredient which is a macrolide antibiotic. It cures different bacterial infections attacked in an individual irrespective of their age. This medicine can be taken in the form of a tablet or intravenously.

This tablet works by hindering the development of bacteria within the body. People who are suffering from the common cold, viral infections, and flu are not recommended to use this tablet. It’s because this medicine has an active ingredient that fights against the infections that are caused only by the bacteria. This antibiotic medicine comprises a narrow antimicrobial spectrum that could be either positive or negative bacteria. The active ingredient present in the Althrocin tablet aids in stopping the development of bacteria in the body of the patient.

Uses and Benefits of Althrocin:

Althrocin tablet is an antibiotic medicine that helps in treating a number of bacterial infections. Some of them have been listed below:

  • Different types of skin infections
  • Helps in curing the respiratory tract infections
  • Cures Streptococcal infection usually caused in the newly born kids [It can be cured by consuming this medicine when the woman is pregnant]
  • Improves the digestion process
  • Treats various infections that are related to sinus and tonsils
  • Reduces the Pneumonia disease symptoms
  • Cures ear infection
  • Treats Pertussis
  • Also treats soft tissues and the infections caused to the windpipe

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Side Effects of Althrocin:

Here are some of the major and minor side effects of Althrocin tablets usually witnessed in those who are suffering from bacterial infections. The side effects might be moderate or severe in some situations. However, you need not have to worry about the side effects as they may disappear in just a less span of time. If the side effects don’t vanish in a less number of days, you can consult a doctor and discuss your problems. The physician will prescribe the medication for the side effects. Check out the list of side effects of the Althrocin tablet given below:

  • Pain in the stomach
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Loss of Hunger
  • Nausea
  • Liver damage
  • Urine turns into a dark color
  • Pain in the abdomen
  • Unexpected fatigue
  • Speech becomes slurred
  • Vision turns blurred
  • Loss in hearing
  • Muscle becomes weakened
  • Drowsiness
  • Loss of weight
  • Tightness in the chest
  • Fainting
  • Abnormal heartbeat

These are the commonly caused serious or minor side effects of Althrocin medicine. Whenever you come across these side effects, you need to consult your doctor immediately. 

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Common Dosages of Althrocin:

The dosage of Althrocin medicine will depend on the age and the health condition of an individual. In general, the doctor prescribes the dose and the time duration of this tablet. Usually, the physician recommends the patients to intake this tablet every 6 hours i.e., 4 times a day. The dose will rely on the health condition and the severity of the bacterial infection. For others, the dosage will be for every 8 hours i.e., 3 times a day. The quantity of medicine for some others is for every 12 hours i.e., 2 times a day. Try to evade the consumption of this medicine in overdosage. Don’t try to skip the medicine as you may enhance the risk of your infections.
In case, if you miss consuming the Althrocin medicine then, try to intake it as soon as possible. If the medicine time is nearer to the next, just skip the missed dosage.
If in case, if you have consumed an overdose of this medicine then, you may come across some adverse side effects. Don’t take a double dose of Althrocin medicine. Consult your doctor if you come across any of the serious side effects.

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Composition and Nature of Althrocin:

Erythromycin is the major active ingredient present in the Althrocin tablet. This medicine comes with a composition of 100 mg and the remaining strengths include 250 mg, 125 mg, and 500 mg. There is only one package of this tablet i.e., it comprises 10 tablets. Alembic Pharmaceutical Limited usually manufactures the Althrocin 250 mg medicine that treats various bacterial infections. 

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How to Use Althrocin 250 MG Tablet?

The patients need to intake this tablet based on the time duration and the medicine recommended by the doctor. Never intake this medicine by breaking the tablet instead you need to simply swallow it completely. The Althrocin tablet should be consumed on an empty stomach.

How does Althrocin work?

Althrocin tablet comprises Erythromycin as an active ingredient with a composition of 250 mg. This active ingredient aids in stopping the protein synthesis which is utilized by the bacteria to perform some crucial functionalities. This, in turn, hinders the bacteria from developing further and stops the infection from spreading to the remaining parts of the body. This is the complete working procedure of Althrocin medicine.

Warnings and Precautions – When to Avoid Althrocin?

Here are some of the precautions and related warnings for the patients who are about to consume Althrocin medicine. People who are suffering from the following diseases should be cautious while using this tablet.

  • A migraine
  • Liver problems
  • Allergic conditions
  • Myasthenia gravis
  • Heart problem
  • Keep this medicine away from your mouth, nose, and eyes
  • Always store the medicine at a prescribed temperature and away from the children and pet animals
  • Never skip consuming the right quantity of the medicine at the right time
  • Even if you intake an overdosage of this medicine, there is no possibility to remove it through dialysis
  • There is a chance of increased lipid within the blood
  • People who are suffering from mental disorders, heart failure, and epilepsy should use this medicine with the utmost caution
  • Try to intake this medicine at least 1 or 2 hours after the consumption of food
  • Never take any kind of antacids 2 hours prior to the consumption of this tablet
  • If you get any itching skin rashes then, stop using this tablet and inform your doctor as soon as possible.
  • Take the medicine as per the prescription to cure your disease as early as possible.

Substitutes of Althrocin 250 MG Tablet:

Here are some of the alternatives to the Althrocin tablet as listed below:

Zerith 250mg Tablet [Manufactured by Zephyr Medicare Pvt Limited]Trithrocin 250mg Tablet [Manufactured by Trio Remedies Pvt Limited]
T Mycin Forte 250mg Tablet [Manufactured by TOSC International Pvt Limited]Rekcin 250mg Tablet [Manufactured by Rekvina Laboratories Limited]
Q Mycin 250mg Tablet [Manufactured by Que Pharma Pvt Limited]Ortholate 250mg Tablet [Manufactured by Oyster Labs Limited]
Golcin 250mg Tablet [Manufactured by Golden Pharmaceutical India Pvt Limited]Etomin 250mg Tablet [Manufactured by Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Limited]
 Etocin 250mg Tablet [Manufactured by Cadila Pharmaceutical Limited]Erythrotone 250mg Tablet [Manufactured by Abbott]
Erythrol 250mg Tablet [Manufactured by Monokem Labs]Erythrocin 250mg Tablet [Manufactured by Pfizer Limited]
Erythro 250mg Tablet [Manufactured by Omega Pharmaceutical Pvt Limited]Eryster 250mg Tablet [Manufactured by Hindustan Antibiotics Limited]
Eryspic 250mg Tablet [Manufactured by Spic Pharmaceutical]Eryspans 250mg Tablet [Manufactured by Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Limited]
Erysin 250mg Tablet [Manufactured by Petrosolv India Limited]Erysafe 250mg Tablet [Manufactured by USV Limited]
Erypsin 250mg Capsule [Manufactured by American Remedies Limited]Erypal 250mg Tablet [Manufactured by Jagsonpal Pharmaceutical Limited]
Erycon 250mg Tablet [Manufactured by Concept Pharmaceutical Limited]Eryc S 250mg Tablet [Manufactured by BDH Industries Limited]
Erybest 250mg Tablet [Manufactured by Blue Cross Laboratories Limited]Eromax 250mg Tablet [Manufactured by Alicon Pharmaceutical Pvt Limited]
Eroate 250mg Tablet [Manufactured by Lupin Limited]Enzycare 250mg Tablet [Manufactured by Pan Pharmaceutical Limited]
 Enthrocin 250mg Tablet [Manufactured by Abbott]Emthrocin 250mg Tablet [Manufactured by Abbott]
Elucin 250mg Tablet [Manufactured by Ind Swift Laboratories Limited]Eltocin 250mg Tablet [Manufactured by Ipca Laboratories Limited]
Elthrocin 250mg Tablet [Manufactured by Laborate Pharmaceutical India Limited]Elithron 250mg Tablet [Manufactured by Elite Pharma Pvt Limited]
E Mycin 250mg Tablet [Manufactured by Themis Medicare Limited]E Cin 250mg Capsule [Manufactured by TOSC International Pvt Limited]
Cynoryl 250mg Tablet [Manufactured by Dial Pharmaceutical Pvt Limited]Citamycin 250mg Tablet [Manufactured by Veritaz Healthcare Limited]
Arthrox 250mg Tablet [Manufactured by Apple Biotech]Agrocin 250mg Tablet [Manufactured by Agron Remedies Pvt Limited]

Althrocin 250 MG Tablet Interactions with Other Drugs:

Whenever you intake a medication for treating some disease alongside the Althrocin medicine then, it becomes an interaction. This sort of interaction can happen with food, diseases, and drugs, and lab tests. In such a case, those medicines might change the working procedure and reduce the effectiveness of the Althrocin tablet. In order to evade this, the patients need to discuss their current list of medications with their respective doctors. Here are some of the interactions listed that cause with Althrocin tablet.

Medicine Interactions

Check out the list of drug interactions with Althrocin medicine:

  • Astemizole
  • Ascorbic Acid
  • Artesunate
  • Artemisinin
  • Amprenavir
  • Amlodipine
  • Amiodarone
  • Alprazolam
  • Alcohol
  • Acetazolamide

Disease Interactions

Some of the interactions that are caused due to the diseases include the following:

  • Myasthenia Gravis
  • QT Prolongation
  • Abnormal liver functionality

There is no information on whether there is any kind of interaction of this medicine with food and alcohol.


Check out the list of the commonly asked questions related to Althrocin medicine provided below:

1) Is it safe to intake alcohol while using Althrocin 250 MG Tablet?

Ans: No, it is not at all advisable to consume alcohol while using the Althrocin medication.

2) How to Store Althrocin medicine?

Ans: As this is an oral and intravenous medication, you need to store it at a temperature ranging between 15°C and 25°C. If the medication is ophthalmic then, you need to store the medicine at 15°.

3) Is there any food that should be avoided while using Althrocin?

Ans: If you have allergic reactions to any of the foods then, consult your doctor regarding the same.

4) What are the contradictions to Althrocin medicine?

Ans: Some of the contradictions to this medicine include the following:
Hepatic Impairment

5) Can I use Althrocin 250 MG Tablet while lactation?

Ans: It is not dangerous to use Althrocin medicine at the time of breastfeeding.

6) Can I drive a vehicle while using this medication?

Ans: There is no risk even if you drive a vehicle or operate some heavy machinery whilst using this medicine.

7) In how many days can I Witness improvement in the health condition?

Ans: Usually, this tablet shows its effect on the patient in about 2 days. One can witness some sort of improvement in 1 or 2 days.

8) Will Althrocin 250 MG Tablet become an addiction?

Ans: No, this medicine doesn’t become an addiction even after using it on a frequent basis.


That’s all! This is everything you need to know about the Althrocin tablet that aids in treating various bacterial infections. We have even included the benefits, side effects, precautions, interactions, alternatives, related warnings, dosage, usage, working procedure, and frequently asked questions on the Althrocin tablet. Hope this tutorial has given you adequate information about the medicine that cures various infections. For more doubts and queries, just drop them in the comments section. 

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